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15 Hilarious Christmas Gag Gift Ideas

15 Hilarious Christmas Gag Gift Ideas

From punny gifts to extremely silly ones, we have got you covered with this list. Keep reading for 15 hilarious Christmas gag gift ideas.

Do you have a white elephant party coming up, but you don’t know what to get? From punny gifts to extremely silly ones, we have got you covered with this list. Keep reading for 15 hilarious Christmas gag gift ideas.

1. Gift Not Included

This gag gift is so easy you can give it to multiple friends! And hey, at least it isn’t completely useless.

I'm giving these out as Christmas presents. Techy kids are gonna secretly love me.


2. Loafers

Anyone who doesn’t laugh at this is clearly no fun.

Loafers!!! hilarious gag gift!

3. Chill Pills

Make your own jar of chill pills by filling a jar with either Skittles or M&Ms. Cover with your own label and give to your most high maintenance friend!


Having a bad day? Take a chill pill! This fun Chill Pill jar (candy not included) makes a perfect gift for anyone who appreciates a little humor

4. Donut Seeds

Throw some Cheerios in a little baggie and label them as “donut seeds” because why not?


5. Santa-tizer

Punny gifts are the best kinds of gifts. Give your pals the gift of hand sanitizer dressed as Santa Claus!

6. Life Giving You Lemons

Sometimes life gives you lemons. And sometimes you give life giving you lemons to someone else.


7. Soap For Introverts

Give your introverted friends some unscented soap, because hey, they aren’t leaving the house today anyway!


8. Dogs Are Cool Mat

This gag gift is best placed outside the recipient’s home until they notice. (Snag your own doormat here!)

9. Crap For Christmas

We all know that one friend who complains about getting socks for Christmas. This… this is for them.


10. Pour Decisions

For your bestie who is infamous for making rather poor decisions, get them a glass that really sums it all up.

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11. iPad

This is one of the easiest Christmas gag gift ideas because you probably have most of these supplies sitting in your house! And if no one else finds it funny, at least you will.


12. Banana Slippers

The key to this Christmas gag gift is to say “don’t slip!” when the recipient opens them. Because that is honestly pretty much the whole point of these socks.

13. Melted Snowman

What is easier than giving out bottled water? Just throw on a label that says “Melted Snowman” because honestly, it’s not wrong.


14. Money Tree Seeds

This money tree seeds gift should be given to the person in your group who is notorious for borrowing money. (Or breaking things and not replacing them.)


15. Maxi Pad Slippers

Is it just me, or do these actually look like they could be comfy? Just me? Okay, cool.

Do you have a few Christmas gag gift ideas you’d like to share? Let us know in the comments below!
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