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5 Hijab Styles To Try This Winter Season

5 Hijab Styles To Try This Winter Season

Being a hijabi sometimes means getting extra creative and always switching up hijab styles to fit the exact aesthetic you’re going for. As the winter season is approaching, it’s important to try easy, different, eye-catching, and innovative ways to style our hijab with our favorite winter outfits. Whether you’re dressing up or dressing down, having your hijab secure, stylish, and ready to go is necessary during the colder months of the year. Let 2020 be a stepping stone in stepping out of your comfort zone. Here are easy 5 hijab styles to try this winter season! 

1. Tucking Your Hijab Underneath a Turtleneck/Hoodie

If you’re planning on wearing a turtleneck this winter season, try tucking in your hijab underneath. This makes for a cute look that sort of fastens your scarf and keeps you warmer during the winter season. Doing this will also allow you to show off accessories, highlight makeup, and give an avant-garde look to an already stylish outfit. The scarf also doesn’t do too much and is truly a simple look anyone can pull off. This is an easy and well-put-together hijab style. 

Additionally, this same hijab style can provide you with an athleisure appearance by tucking a jersey hijab underneath your favorite hoodie. In doing this, you are able to look casual and cool at the same time. Using a jersey hijab for this style can really do wonders as the fixedness of the scarf contrasts the bagginess of the hoodie, with the hood rarely messing up the hijab style anytime you feel like using it. While the jersey hijab is ideal here, any scarf can be used. This is a definite must. 


2. Wrap Around Suede Hijab Style

On mild cold days when it isn’t snowing, try the wrap around suede hijab style. Suede is a long-lasting, smooth material that gives spring and autumn vibes but can also fit well during winter days that don’t feel too wintry. The material is a form of leather and soft to the touch. This wrap-around style is able to mix elegance and informality very well. It is also an everyday look that can still manage to upgrade any outfit you feel needs a certain something. With the various colors and the different types of suede that exist, the possibilities are endless. 

One place you can get amazing suede hijabs is Culture Hijab. The online store has a phenomenal selection of suede hijabs to choose from. Outside of this specific suede hijab style exists many ways to wear the suede hijab. For example, there are a plethora of turban styles that look amazing with the material. Either way, this will give you a brand-new way to go out and wear your hijab in fashion!


3. Turban with Turtleneck Hijab Style 

Another hijab style to try this winter season is wearing a turban with a turtleneck. Turtlenecks are known to symbolize style, leadership, and modesty, similar attributes associated with turbans/turban style, which is why this pairing is a match made in heaven. A benefit to this style is being able to wear and show off any earring and not having to deal with extra material if you are someone that wouldn’t want extra fabric underneath your turtleneck. The simplicity and freedom that comes with this style are what will help continue to make this look classic. This is a hijab style to help shake things up this winter. 

Also, there are so many different types of turban hijab styles out there, so thinking outside of the box can make your look even more unique and help set the tone for the next years to come. It is also a style that will accentuate your face and look great with an accompanying regular scarf around the neck and shoulders as well. There is no right or wrong way to mimic this look, so try to be inspired by it and try something new to make it yours. It will definitely give you ideas of what you like and help create a hijab style of your own. 


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4. Underscarf and Wool Hijab Style

A great breathable, warm material to wear during the winter season is wool, which is why pairing an underscarf under a wool hijab is a hijab style to consider this year. In addition to being extremely warm and breathable, wool hijabs can keep your body warmer in the winter by lessening the amount of body heat that escapes from your head. Moreover, a good underscarf will give you less slip and the hair coverage you need. The hijab style also gives you room and freedom to find fun ways to layer the material based on how cold it is outside. 


Another great thing about this hijab style is matching it with other wool items you might fashion in the winter, like wool gloves, a simple wool scarf, or an entire wool ensemble you’re going for. Thrifting and keeping your eyes peeled for wool scarves will help with creating this look for sure. Also, it will allow you to use an underscarf to its full potential. Don’t sleep on this cozy hijab style by trying it out this season. 

5. Beanie Hijab Style

Lastly, another hijab style to attempt this year during the winter months is the simple beanie hijab style. This is a cool style that involves putting a beanie of your choice over your favorite hijab, having your scarf mimic hair by letting the two ends hang loose. This is a really easy and super cool look anyone can execute. The layering look of the hijab style is what makes it look cozy and current at the same time. The illusion is a unique way to catch anyone’s attention and also give you extra protection. This is a hijab style everyone should try!


These are just a few ways to switch up your hijab style this winter season. What style do you like? What style should we leave in 2020? Let us know in the comments below!