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10 Highly Anticipated Concert Tours Coming Soon

10 Highly Anticipated Concert Tours Coming Soon

Well, the world is finally showing signs of returning back to “normal,” so that means you want to go see your favorite artist as soon as possible. There are tons of concerts being rescheduled to summer 2021 and on, so I made a list for you to reference which are going to be on everyone’s wishlist. 

1. Justin Bieber

Starting in June, Justin Bieber will tour his recently released album, Justice. The “Peaches” singer sure knows how to write a catchy song, so his concerts should be extremely fun. Plus, this is his best album in a while so this tour is sure to be popular, with an added 19 shows due to demand. And he’s really easy on the eyes. “I can’t wait to get out there and connect with my fans on this tour,” Bieber said in a statement. “We’ve been through so much this year. More than ever, we’ve come to understand how much we need each other, and how meaningful these moments can really be.” Bieber’s concerts are always fun, so snatch up your tickets while you can.


2. The Weeknd 

The Weeknd’s After Hours album received no love from the Grammys, but you can still see him perform it live on his North American leg of the tour starting in June. Songs like “Blinding Lights” were not only at the top of the charts for months, but also went viral on TikTok. His whole personification of the album has been a long, intriguing process to follow, but it shows how much dedication and love he has for his music. This tour is sure to be great regardless. 

3. Lady Gaga 

This limited, six-show tour spanning from Europe to the United States is highly anticipated. The Chromatica Ball is Gaga’s sixth tour, beginning in Paris in July and ending in Chicago a month later. The album itself contains collaborations with big names in the music industry such as Elton John and Ariana Grande. Gaga’s collab with Ariana Grande earned them a Grammy for Best Duo/Pop Group Performance, being the first female duo to win this award. With all of this being said, these concerts are going to be iconic. 


4. Harry Styles 

Obviously I have tickets to like five different shows of his, but you should get them too. Harry just won his first ever Grammy for “Watermelon Sugar,” and the song also earned him his first number one on the Billboard charts. With Styles’ rising popularity, being an actor, Gucci model and singer, this tour is going to be bigger than ever. I love to see the suits he wears to each show, and you better believe I will pass out if we make eye contact.


5. 5 Seconds of Summer 

5sos has completely evolved into a rock band who has shed their teenage personalities and are proud of their more mature songs. Their most recent album, Calm, was released in 2020, with songs such as “No Shame” and “Easier.” I was lucky enough to see them along with One Direction in 2013, and I have loved them ever since. They’re super talented and have such great energy at their shows, I would definitely recommend going!

6. Thomas Rhett

If you’re a country fan or if you’re not, it’s really hard to not like Thomas Rhett’s music. I went to a concert of his and first of all, all of his songs are bops, and second, he is incredibly talented. Plus, his family is so adorable it makes you love him that much more. Don’t we all wish someone would write “Die A Happy Man” about us? Ugh, anyways. His concerts will not disappoint. 


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7. Dua Lipa 

One of the hottest names on the charts right now is starting her European leg of her tour in September. Let’s be honest,  I have yet to stop listening to “Levitating,” and the amount of hours I have streamed this song is probably ridiculous. Expect to see North American dates start to pop up in the near future, most likely for 2022. Her music is amazing, she put on an amazing show at the Grammy’s, and you’re guaranteed to have a great night listening to some amazing music. 


8. Green Day 

If you’re a fan of alternative music, you’re not going to miss Green Day’s tour with Fall Out Boy and Weezer. This is literally the Holy Trinity of early-2000’s alternative music, and I’m here for it. If you’re still a fan of these bands, then you probably already know about it. If you’re not, but loved their old work and want to have a hit of nostalgia- go. The North American leg of the tour starts in July, never a better time to jam out to Green Day. 

9. Elton John

I bet you weren’t expecting me to throw Elton John in here, but here I am, doing just that. If you don’t know who Elton John is, he is probably one of the most groundbreaking, iconic music artists to ever live. He is doing his final tour ever, so if you’re a fan of his music, or just like want to be there to say you were at Sir Elton John’s final tour, I promise you won’t regret it. Elton John is not only a fashion icon, but also has such great music that you’ll probably be a fan after this concert. Tickets are a bit on the expensive side, but if you want to witness history, it’s worth it. 


10. Queen and Adam Lambert 

Continuing off my oldie-but-a-goodie theme, may I present: Queen and Adam Lambert. I refuse to believe that you don’t know “Bohemian Rhapsody,” also known as the greatest song like ever. If you’re an American Idol fan, you’ll remember Adam Lambert as one of the early stars from the show. Well, he’s touring with iconic band Queen as their lead singer. My dad gave this mashup his stamp of approval, and you should too. Their European leg starts this summer, so gear up to see some great tunes that you could honestly even bring your parents to. Fun for all! 

Keep your eye out for plenty more concerts and tour announcements as restriction beginning to be lifted in some states. Comment which concert you’re most looking forward to below!