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High-Key Wardrobe Essentials To Have In Your 20s

High-Key Wardrobe Essentials To Have In Your 20s

At some point in your 20s, the moment when you realize you need some wardrobe essentials to revamp your closet hits you. And you can't really avoid it.

At some point in your 20s, the moment when you realize you need to revamp your closet according to your just-started adulting phase hits you. And you can’t really avoid it. Sure, it sounds like an easy-peasy-lemon-squeezy task at first. Yet, when you actually get to sit down and brainstorm the myriad of options available, you start hyperventilating. But fear no more – we did the dirty work for you! We put together a list of 20 wardrobe essentials you simply have to own in your 20s. Mix & match them and you can go anywhere!

Simple, Basic, Never-Out-Of-Style White Tee

High-Waisted Jeans – Ask Your Mom!


Tailored Suit – Care To Make A Statement?

Strappy Sandals

Leather Biker Jacket – Rock It!


Plaid Skirt – Punk It Up!

Denim Jacket – Oversized or Fitted

Good Sunnies That Go With Literally Anything


Preppy Knit Sweater

Grownup Wallet

LBD – Duh!


Black Lace Underwear Set – Cute, But Make It Sexy

Layering Necklace Set You Should Never Want To Take Off

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Floral Chiffon Blouse – For Spring? Groundbreaking.

Everyday & Every Time Tote Bag – Which You Never Really Empty

Cashmere Sweater


Plaid Boyfriend Flannel

White Sneakers That You HAVE To Keep Clean

Beige Sherlock Holmes-Style Trenchcoat


Tuckable Ribbed Turtleneck

What essential wardrobe items are missing from your closet? Let us know in the comments below!

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