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10 Hidden Spots On USC’s Campus To Check Out

10 Hidden Spots On USC’s Campus To Check Out

It’s no secret the campus is beautiful, and we Trojans get to enjoy it each time we bike, skate or walk to class. Still, there are always a few secret places that not everyone has had the chance to see. With this in mind, I have compiled a list of the top 10 hidden spots on USC’s campus to check out and hope you will want to go out and explore them! (Btw, location abbreviations have been included in case you want to check the online USC map).

1. Ground Zero Performance Cafe (TRO)

Milkshakes, music, poetry, and a place to study always come in handy any day of the week. TRO can be found between Trojan Residence Hall and Marks Tower.


2. Doheny Library (DML) Book Stacks

Definitely a place to check out if you want an adventure or just a dead-quiet place to study. You can check out any one of the library’s nine floors! Head straight into DML past the front desk and take the elevator to the book stacks.



3. Doheny Library (DML) Treasure Room

The murals on the wall are beautiful and events are held here every semester. Just pop on their 3D glasses, have fun, and learn something new! Head into DML and make a right into the treasure room.


4. Seeley G. Mudd (SGM) Roof

Fresh air, a great view of the surrounding city, and the chance to see a beautiful sunset? Just head up to the 10th floor of SGM, take 3 rights into the stairwell (mind the door behind you), and enjoy!


5. Sculpture Garden

Great to see during the day, and if you’re fond of getting the creeps at night, then this is the place to go. Found between Ramo Hall (RHM) and Bing Theater (BIT), the garden is perfect for studying, meeting with friends, or just relaxing and enjoying the view.


6. Little Galen (GAP) Fireplace

Cuddle up with a SO, roast some marshmallows, or just enjoy the warmth of the fire in the evenings. You can find this gem past the zig-zag ramp to the left of Little Galen.



7. Fisher Museum of Art (HAR)

Check out the sculptures outside or head inside and appreciate beautiful art. Plus, it’s right on campus and free for Trojans! The museum can be found on the opposite side of Harris Hall (HAR).


8. Massman Theater (DRC)

Visit the Drama Center and watch student productions at the Massman Theater. This hidden spot can be spotted behind Kaprielian Hall (KAP).

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9. Architecture and Fine Arts Library (WAH)

Just finding the library is an adventure worth going on! Take the unmarked door to the left of the Watt Hall entrance, down the stairs, and make a right into the Helen Topping Library.


10. Argue Plaza

The roses, green grass, and soothing fountain sounds are more than you could wish for while taking a break between classes. This can be found behind Doheny Library (DML) and Pardee Tower (PTD).


And a bonus:

11. Sprinkles ATM (BKS)

Because who wouldn’t want 24/7 access to a cupcake-wielding vending machine?! You will find this treasure to the right on the campus bookstore entrance.


Where are your favorite hidden spots on USC’s campus? Let us know in the comments below if there are any spots we missed!
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