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10 Hidden Gem Restaurants In Long Beach

10 Hidden Gem Restaurants In Long Beach

Long Beach, California has so many amazing restaurants, whether you’re walking down 2nd street, down the promenade or just going to your favorite spot, here are some local spots you need to try ASAP.

1. Gypsy’s

Gypsy’s Mediterranean Grill is amazing. Gypsy’s is located on the Long Beach Pier close to the Belmont Brewing Company. Gypsy’s appears to be a small storefront when you’re outside, but they have the best ambiance and the prettiest patio out back. Not to mention, they have the best kabobs! I am in love with their chicken kabobs, and my brothers always opt for the huge lamb leg they offer. This is definitely one you need to try, and afterward, you can take a stroll on the beach!


2. Ellie’s

Ellie’s is a restaurant right on the promenade that specializes in Southern Italian cuisine. They also have a nice ambiance with a small patio outside and warm lighting inside. They are known for their great service and amazing flavor. They serve brunch, lunch, and dinner so you can stop by any time! Trust me, their pasta is heavenly.

3. Restauration

Another one with an absolutely amazing ambiance. This place is both rustic and chic you’ll feel right at home while having your meal. They have “New American cuisine with a local, seasonal focus, plus craft drafts & wine” and are located right on 4th street. For the price, atmosphere, and food, this place is five stars all the way. With premier chefs and amazing plates, they definitely are a must-go-to restaurant.


4. Chuck’s Coffee Shop

Okay, I’m sure you’ve already heard of this one but it had to go on the list. Only locals know about this place so if you’ve just moved to Long Beach, or you’re visiting, definitely try to come to Chuck’s. A small diner located right on the beach on Ocean Blvd, next to the Long Beach Pool, they have indoor and outdoor seating. They have a chili cheese omelet affectionately called “The Weasel” which is locally world-famous. They will also make pancakes in the shape of Micky Mouse for any kids who show up! All around, a great family-owned, must-go-to restaurant.


5. Taqueria La Mexicana

One of my personal favorites when it comes to Mexican food. On 4th and Coronado, this hole in the wall serves some of the best, authentic Mexican food that you’re ever going to try. I highly recommend coming here if you haven’t yet. They also have great Taco Tuesday deals! There’s not a ton of seating, and it’s cash-only, but they do have an ATM inside if you need it. Don’t be deterred by the line, the food is for sure worth it.

6. Panxa

Panxa Cocina is another great Mexican place, though it falls more along the lines of Mexican fusion. Panxa is located on Broadway and Termino, close to many other land markers in Long Beach. They have a warm atmosphere in both their restaurant and bar area and a fun aesthetic throughout. They also offer a happy hour and weekend brunch! This is a great spot if you’re ready to try some more inventive dishes. They also have a nice bar scene, serving “premier tequila” if you’re just looking for a quick happy hour!


7. Starling Diner

Another locally famous spot, and rightfully so! The Starling Diner is located on 3rd and Roswell Ave. They are best known for their breakfast, though they serve a great lunch as well. They have seasonal dishes, some especially good ones during the winter season, and have the absolute best French Toast. With the cute diner atmosphere and the great service, you’ll be happy you came to diner here. And just to make the adults extra happy, they serve coffee and wine.

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8. Lola’s Mexican Cuisine

Another great restaurant on 4th street, Lola’s Mexican Cuisine is best known for its authentic Mexican food and addictive salsa. According to their website, they are “Fiesta-like, homey, [and have] family-recipe Mexican chow (tacos, flautas) plus sangria & beer.” I can personally attest to how good their salsa is, and the ambiance of the place is so cute. They have both outdoor and indoor seating with umbrellas and wooden tables, making it a nice spot for a sunny day.


9. The Attic

Located on E. Broadway, The Attic is another great local spot. They serve mainly American food for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. They are famous for their Mac N Cheetos, something that sounds exactly as good as it will taste. The ambiance is perfect, as they converted a bungalow into an outdoor restaurant. Their food and drinks are great, the only downside is that they do get busy fast, so make sure you get there before the rush. Critics will complain about the wait but as long as you don’t get there at peak dinner time, you should be fine, the food makes it all worth it.

10. The Grain Café

The Grain Café is on the corner of 4th and Ximeno, you’ve probably passed it once or twice without even realizing it. You would never know that this café is a vegan restaurant, they have the best food, you can’t even tell the difference between their dishes and real meat. If you’re vegetarian or vegan, I highly recommend coming here, they have so many amazing dishes. They also have a large selection of (vegan) Mexican options, and a small bakery. I promise you won’t regret trying out this one. They are even known for making a mean cup of coffee!


There are so many other hidden gems in Long Beach, but these are some of the favorite local spots. If you’re looking to try something new, I highly recommend walking down 2nd street, 4th street, or the promenade and just picking a restaurant that looks good to you! There are so many places with a nice atmosphere and just absolutely gorgeous food that you need to try. So go ahead and work your way through this list!

As always, please leave any questions or comments below! Have any more suggestions for our readers? Let us know below!