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Hidden Gem: Paris’ Rue de Mouffetard

The Rue Mouffetard is a street in the Latin Quarter of Paris in the 5th arrondisement. I stayed on this street when I went to Paris a couple of years ago and absolutely loved it! A good chunk of it is closed off to traffic so you’re able to walk in the street and take everything in. There are so many shops and restaurants to enjoy, that you could spend a whole morning or afternoon there (You’re still in Paris after all and there’s a lot of city to see)! These are some of my favorite things you can find on, or near Rue Mouffetard.

1. Young and Happy Hostel

If you’re looking for well-riced lodgings in a great area, then look no further than the Young and Happy Hostel! Located right on the Rue Mouffetard you’re steps away from delicious foods and treasures to take home. The rooms in the hostels are nice and clean, the beds very comfortable. I stayed in a dorm with an attached bathroom, so it was nice not to have to trek out to a communal bathroom. You get to meet people from all over the world too, one of the girls in the dorm was traveling all the way from Bolivia! I had a great time staying here and I would definitely go back! 

2. Crepes and Bagels

I don’t remember if this stall had a name, but “Crepes and Bagels” is what Google Maps is saying that it’s called. Its just down the way from the Young and Happy Hostel, I passed by a couple of times during my stay and the owner was always cheerfully waving from behind the counter. I finally went on the second night, and I was utterly charmed by the older gentleman and his wife. He struck me as someone who genuinely enjoys every day. He made the biggest, best crepe I’ve ever had and the best part was just as he was finishing he told me to take out my camera to film. He spelled out Love with whipped cream and did a little song and dance, it’s one of my favorite memories of my trip. The crepe itself was HUGE and chock full of strawberries, dark chocolate, and whipped cream. I’m not saying I would go to Paris JUST for another crepe, but I’m also not saying I wouldn’t. I would definitely visit again the next time I go! 

3. Sunny Korean restaurant

Let me paint you a picture. You’re waking up early in London to catch the 7 am Euro Star into Paris. You’ve had to chug your coffee, and eat a sad bagel you got after waiting too long in line for them at the train station. You ride along for 2 hours and when you finally arrive struggle to find the entrance to the metro. Once you do and figure out how to buy the ticket (London Tube it is not), crowd on with everyone else with your luggage so it’s hot and stuffy only for it to stall. Finally it gets going and you get to your stop, starving at this point, wanting only to dump your luggage. You wander the square, confused because the hostel is not where it’s meant to be until you figure out its actually one street over. Finally, you’re free of your burdens and after the bland, meat and starch heavy diet in London you’re DYING for spices. 

Sunny was absolute heaven. It was perfection, the literal answer to our prayers. They saved a friendship. Going past Crepes and Bagels, this little Korean restaurant was everything I wanted it to be. We were practically licking our plates clean. Highly recommend, I had the spicy pork and my mouth is watering as I write, just remembering what it was like. 

4. Bocamexa Mouffetard

There’s something about eating tacos in other countries that just delights me. Some people look for McDonalds or Starbucks to try their region specific menu items, but I hunt down a taqueria.  I can’t say what it is that interests me so much about the idea, only that I find it inexplicably hilarious. It just tickles me, maybe because France and Mexico themselves are so far apart physically. But I suppose the world is smaller than we think, and everyone is everywhere. There was a Peruvian street vendor on Rue Mouffetard when I first arrived and I was so intrigued I bought a llama from him. 

See Also

Anyway, back to BocaMexa. We’d passed by it when we were exploring the area and made a note to go back later. According to their website they have quite a few locations around Paris, and their food is made from scratch. I do remember that, because there are few things I love more than a freshly made tortilla. The tacos I had were really good and it’s always exciting to find a bit of home in a new place. The decor in the Mouffetard location is really great, my favorite being a painting by the restrooms that you really just have to see for yourselves. What’s more, they contribute to building libraries in Oaxaca, Mexico, so definitely visit them if you can! Reading is power.

5. Location Location Location

The Rue Mouffetard is the ideal walking distance to some of Paris’ most well known attractions. It was only about a fifteen minute walk down to Notre Dame and the Shakespeare and Company bookstore. Once you’re there you’ve also made it to the Seine so you can go down to walk along the banks. The bookstalls are also likely to be open up on the sidewalk so you can poke around there. From Rue Muffetard you’re also between the Luxembourg Gardens on one side and the Botanical Gardens and Zoo on the other. It’s a bit of a walk, but you can also make it to the entrance of the Paris Catacombs. Just be there early as there’s always a line! 

Where will you be going in Paris? Let us know in the comments below!

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