Here’s Your Perfect Job Based On Your Star Sign

Ever wondered what your perfect job would be based on your star sign? No need to wonder, because we’ve got your star sign covered with the perfect career based on your particular star-like qualities! From actors to accountants, your perfect job is awaiting you!

1. Aquarius

If you were born an Aquarius, then you’re someone who loves to get involved in social issues, loves to prove your point and you’re firm in your beliefs and ideals. This is why you’d thrive in a political situation where you can fight for people’s rights, or get involved in activism and humanitarianism. Or, why not shape the minds of tomorrow’s leaders? Become a teacher and show those youngsters the ways of helping the community and deep thinking.

2. Pisces

A Pisces is someone who is creative, intuitive and has a healthy emotional relationship with other people; so what’s the perfect job based on your star sign, Pisces? You would thrive as a social worker, being as compassionate as you are, and with such a large emotional capacity. Other jobs you’d do well at are anything to do with music; perhaps a composer? A role in which you could stretch your creative muscles and use your instincts to create beautiful music that will touch the lives of many.

3. Aries

There is no stopping an Aries once they’re set a task; which is why they are natural born leaders, taking charge and control of their surroundings. If you were born an Aries, then you would do quite well in an individual sport, like running or swimming. Anything with a little competition! Speaking of competition, how about a business owner? Fancy running your own business, girl boss?

4. Taurus

There are not a lot of ways that a Taurus can fail at their endeavours, the lucky ducks. If you’re a Taurus, then you know that you’re a very good worker and are pretty good at anything you do, and you enjoy a little luxury living. So what’s your perfect job based on your star sign? A chef! What better position to be in than to create sensationally divine meals using your own two hands? Cooking and running a busy kitchen needs patience, stability and drive, all of which a Taurus has in abundance.

5. Gemini

Gemini’s are a fun bunch; always curious, fun-loving and open minded. While they are sociable creatures, Gemini’s are also very thoughtful, which would make them great writers! Journalism requires great curiosity and adaptability, which means a Gemini is able to produce an awesome read in a magazine! Even novels need a deep and open thinker to create new characters and interesting plots. So go on, Gemini’s; get your pens out!

6. Cancer

If you’re a Cancer, then you know that home is where the heart is. You have a lovely sense of sentimentality, which is why the perfect job based on your star sign might just be a real estate agent! If you love to see people create memories and build a life in a new home, then this is the perfect position for a Cancer! There are always people looking for new homes, so there’s definitely a job for you out there!

7. Leo

There is no denying that a Leo is full of confidence, energy and sometimes a bit of ego. They love to be admired and the life of the party. So what better role for a Leo then an actor? In the spotlight and centre stage, this career ticks all the boxes that Leo’s require to really shine! If acting is a little too far fetched for you, then how about a YouTube career? You get to be creative on your own terms and are the star of your own show!

8. Virgo

Hardworking, loyal, and analytical… does this sound like you? As a Virgo, you are all these things plus a kind soul! But what is your perfect job based on your star sign, you might be wondering. Your attention to detail would make you an excellent accountant, or someone to do with numbers or editing! So if accounting doesn’t strike a chord with you, perhaps an editor at a publishing house or magazine?

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9. Libra

While Libra’s are gentle, harmonious people, they are also very diplomatic and know how to resolve sticky situations. Which makes a job in human resources perfect for a Libra! They are able to communicate efficiently and make awesome mediators during conflicts, which are big parts of the human resource sector. If dealing with people is your calling, then a successful career in HR might just be your thing, Libra.

10. Scorpio

If you’re able to get the truth out of someone and are always chasing the hard facts, then you’re probably a Scorpio. If you’re a Scorpio unsure of their future career, here’s the perfect job based on your star sign; ever thought of entering the line of detective work? Scorpio’s are naturally curious and crave truth, also being super resourceful and brave. This sounds like someone born to be a detective, don’t you agree?

11. Sagittarius

Wanderlust and the theory of everything is the Sagittarius way of life, always seeking meaning and travelling the globe to find it. For a globe-trotting Sagittarius such as yourself, the perfect job for you would be something that involves travel and deep thinking. How about a professor at a college or university? While it may seem like a stand-still career, professor’s who have travelled the world to discover new truths make the best teachers.

12. Capricorn

Capricorn’s are quite responsible, disciplined and are, most of the time, pretty independent. So what is the perfect job for a Capricorn? Luckily, if you’re a Capricorn, you would thrive in a lot of different careers, however you would make an amazing teacher, leading the way for young minds; in an organised fashion, of course. Speaking of being organised, why not follow in Marie Kondo’s footsteps and become a professional organiser? Your no-nonsense ways and scrupulously tidy demeanour would make you a very successful professional organiser!

Do you agree with this list? What is your star sign plus your perfect job? Let’s talk about it in the comments below!

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Diyana Henkel

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