Here’s Why You Should Tell Your Partner What Pleases You In Bed

Open communication and honesty is a must in order for a relationship to work. Especially when it comes down to what pleases you in the bedroom. It's important to tell you partner what please you in bed for so many reason, especially if you want a good sex life!

Everyone loves having sex. Banging against a headboard while screaming from the top of your lungs in intense passionate pleasure, is an amazing thing to experience. It can be such a great stress reliever and overall just so much fun to have! Sometimes though, you’ll have that one sexual experience that was either sub-par or just straight up terrible. However, you’ll pretend like it was the most scintillating experience. Now, I know for us ladies, a lot of times we withhold what we dislike in bed because we don’t want to crush the guy’s ego. And trust me, there is no worse way to crush a guy’s ego than by telling him he is not pleasing you right in bed. But THIS is why you should tell your partner what pleases you in bed:

Here’s the thing, it is necessary, 100% crucial, that you tell your partner what pleases you in bed.

Having an open communication about what you like and dislike when having sex, will make your sexual experience all the more pleasing and exciting.

Some may think that being so direct by telling your partner your sexual preferences can “damper the mood” or make he/she feel inadequate, but that really isn’t the case.

For example, being open about the fact that you love receiving oral while your partner’s finger plays with your a**, gives your partner the knowledge he/she needs to satisfy you.

You both should love being open and honest with one another about what you like done to your bodies.

Doing so, will only maximize the extreme sexual pleasure for you two. And if your partner isn’t willing to listen to your needs and fulfill them, then not to sound harsh but, find someone who will.

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Too many times, people hold their tongues from saying the things they want to say that will make them happy or feel good.

Being pleased in bed, should not be one of those times you refrain from divulging what you like and how you like it.

So, speak up, tell your partner what pleases you and all the freak nasty things that you like to have done to you!