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Here’s Why You Should Include Sex Toys In Your Relationship

Here’s Why You Should Include Sex Toys In Your Relationship

The use and availability of sex toys has increased rapidly since the turn of the century, although they are mainly associated with single use and there is still a large taboo hanging over them, especially in regard to their use between two people in a relationship.

Here’s why its time to shake off that taboo and at the very least consider using sex toys in your relationship.

1. Don’t See It As A Bad Thing

A common reprisal is that sex toys shouldn’t be needed in a healthy relationship because the two people in the relationship alone should be good enough for each-other.

They are seen as an indication that one isn’t good enough for the other and so they are needed to essentially take the place of the lover and their skills, however this is not the case.

If anything, it should be seen as an indication that you’re both comfortable with where you’re at in your relationship and that you have both completely satisfied each-other to the extent that you now want to branch out and try new things.

Sex toys should therefore be viewed in a different light, a sign of progression in a relationship rather than one of regression, and so ought to be considered more seriously for the pursuit of greater pleasure.

Here’s Why You Should Include Sex Toys In Your Relationship

2. Better Experience 

Now that it is widely accepted in modern society that sex can be pursued purely for pleasure, why not use sex toys to pursue the best experience possible for you and your partner?

Many couples use sex toys to spice things up in the bedroom and rejuvenate each-others sex lives by  giving each-other new experiences of pleasure.

Whilst regular sex is good, sex toys are literally made for pleasure, and so using them is only going to enhance you and your partner’s experience.

Once you and you’re partner are over the taboo of using them on one another, you’re only unlocking the door to an enhanced experience where you can explore new levels of pleasure and add a new and exciting layer to your relationship.

Here’s Why You Should Include Sex Toys In Your Relationship

3. Humans Are Good, But We’re Not Machines

As good as any of us might be in bed, and as loving as any relationship might be, at the end of the day the human body is still just a physical collection of nerve-endings and receptors that can be triggered for pleasure by a lot of things, with sex toys and their technology achieving it with ease.

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Once we accept this and put our egos to one side, sex toys can be used as an addition to ourselves and to achieve what it might take us longer to do.

We are bound by our energy and our skills but sex toys are designed to maximise the physical human nature of the body, and so we can use them to exploit this and admit that we are not machines who can achieve peak bodily pleasure as quickly, as effortlessly and as consistently as sex toys can.

4. It Can Be Funny

Even if you still both prefer normal sex with each-other, using sex toys can be a funny experience if taken less seriously, adding a playful element to your time in bed together.

You can see how you both react to using them, seeing what they do and being cheeky.

But ultimately, you’ll be having a laugh as you experiment in the bedroom and share a new experience together, seeing whether it remains light-heated and comedic or builds to something unexpectedly heated and passionate, discovering something that may revolutionise your relationship entirely.

Here’s Why You Should Include Sex Toys In Your Relationship

What do you think about the use of sex toys in a relationship? Let us know in the comments below!

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