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Here’s Why You Should Avoid Detox Teas

The word “detox” has been circulating the health and fitness industry for years now. Detox juices, soups, supplements, and teas entered the market all promising to cleanse your system. Amidst all the hype, and celebrity endorsements lies the truth about this detoxification – it’s actually very risky. Actress, Jameela Jamil recently discredited detox teas in the comment section of Khloe Kardashian’s later removed Instagram post. Not only do these teas pose significant side effects, they’re also not a wise, or sustainable weight loss plan.

Detox teas are not FDA approved

There’s a massive red flag hidden beneath the pretty pink packaging – a majority of detox teas are not FDA approved. In general the FDA does not regulate dietary supplements, so there’s virtually no safety guarantee. Paid celebrity endorsements are not synonymous with assurance. The company is not required to disclose potential side effects in their advertisements. Lets be real, the Kardashians have flat stomachs because they can afford a personal trainer, a dietician, healthy food options, and possibly a cosmetic surgeon. Though the Instagram posts may seem promising, you should listen to the medical professions. Not to mention, these unregulated supplements have less than desirable side effects.

Dangerous Side Effects

Brands like Flat Tummy Tea and SkinnyFit Detox promise to boost energy, and kickstart your metabolism. However you should anticipate some other impacts. Abdominal pain, cramping, dehydration, and nausea are very common. These side effects aren’t the result of your body “detoxing” – we have a liver and kidneys for that. It’s actually due to the high levels of laxatives and caffeine within the product. Yes, I said laxatives. You know what happens after you take laxatives – so don’t make me write it. With prolonged use this could put a serious strain on your digestive system. Recently studies have shown that detox teas are actually a potential cause of acute liver failure. The truth is, you can’t be sure of where these ingredients are coming from if they aren’t regulated.

Temporary Results

If serious health issues, and laxatives aren’t enough to discourage you, then let me tell you that these teas don’t work. The number you see on the scale is not always an accurate representation of the weight you’re losing. At best, these teas will allow you to lose water weight. That means whatever progress you see is probably only temporary. Losing water also means losing electrolytes, essential to muscle contraction. How do you expect to exercise, or function properly without sufficient electrolytes, and energy? Save the time you’ll probably spend in the bathroom, and go to the gym.

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Being healthy is more important than being skinny

Sometimes our fitness journeys can feel time-consuming, and exhausting. I completely recognize the desire for an easier solution – but this isn’t it. Take the time to appreciate your health, and the body you have because flat stomachs will never be worth putting yourself in danger. In general, there’s a lot of misinformation within the health and fitness industry. Each passing trend brings about a new set of rules, and guidelines for us to conform to. While trying different diets and exercise techniques can be beneficial, always do your research. Remember that supplement companies tend to manipulate science, and deceive their customers. They use advertising to push the idea that in order to be happy you must also be thin. The truth is, your body is already capable of detoxification, and consuming these supplements will only disrupt that process. Eat healthy when you can, find an exercise you enjoy, and respect your body. Never listen to any person, or company that tells you that fatigue, hunger, and restriction are necessary in order to be fit.

Did you, or a friend have any negative side effects to a detox tea? Leave a comment about your experience!

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