Here’s Why Women Are Better Cheaters Than Men

Women cheat. Yes, I know it may be a baffling fact to comprehend but it is true and men who read this will feel great vindication for me stating this fact. Here’s another fact, women cheat better than men do. Why? you ask. Well, it’s simply, us women know how to keep our dirt completely under wraps and undetectable by the man we are in a relationship with. Now, for the record, I am not condoning cheating at all nor “glorifying” how we women are better cheaters than men. What I am simply doing, is stating why women are better cheaters than men.


Women who cheat on their significant other, rarely get caught or rather do not get caught nearly as often as men who cheat. Us women know how to be the definition of discreet and sneaky when having an affair with someone. We know how to balance and manage our lives without missing a beat and do it so effortlessly. Our significant others wouldn’t have the slightest clue that they are being cheated on.

Great liars

Another reason why women cheat better than men is that we are incredibly great liars. Don’t get me wrong, men can be incredibly great liars too, but we women have an art to our lying. We know how to evoke instant emotion that appears authentic and how to finesse a story so good that even the Pope himself would believe it. Ok, maybe that one is stretch being that the Pope is connected to God.

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Us women also don’t go blabbing our dirty business to our girlfriends unless we trust them COMPLETELY. Men love telling their friends about their affairs because it makes them feel even more “manly” and boost their ego. And men also love “secretly” parading the woman they are having an affair with around while women keep their meet-ups with their secret lover in other town and cities.

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Kennisha Crawford

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