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Here’s Why Self Grooming Down There Is Actually Really Important

Here’s Why Self Grooming Down There Is Actually Really Important

Here's Why Self Grooming Down There Is Actually Really Important

For so many years, I, a now 25-year-old city girl, have been taking time out of every few weeks to wax, shave, and groom all sorts of ways down there, and if you don’t know what I mean by down there, I mean the constant annoyance of hair growth underneath our bikini lines. All in efforts to stay more hygienic, smell and feel fresher and allow myself much more confidence when sliding my shorts off at the beach and exposing my tiny little bikini bottoms.

However, I realized something over that past few months, self-grooming, especially, down there, comes in a vast variety of different shapes, forms and techniques, and there really isn’t one right or wrong way to groom properly. So before we jump to conclusions and have me tell you that you most definitely HAVE to be a hairless mole rat down there, let’s back up because I’m actually going to tell you why it’s absolutely so important to groom down there by finding a balance and finding out what works and what doesn’t for you.

Is Being Hairless Down There More Hygienic?

Here’s the thing, I read so many articles and studies recently that go on and on about the benefits of keeping pubic hair rather than removing it. Most studies on the topic refer to the allowance of pubic hair to be a fighting aid against yeast infections, STI’s and less skin Irritation and suggest that the only reason most women chose to remove it is the thought of the area of hair being an uncomfortable topic.

So, What About Growing The Hair?

Despite the loads of pages on the benefits of keeping the hair, there are plenty of counter-arguments that suggest the absolute opposite, proposing that with the additive of a ‘bush’ down there, women can experience higher temperatures, risk an increase of infections and with the loss of hair, can be much less sweaty and smelly. With this jumble of unbalanced information, I spoke to 10 women within the age of 20-30 and I was pretty surprised to find out no one women had the same grooming preference. They. Were. All. Different. And that made me undeniably happy because like most things in life, self-grooming is pure personal preference, and whether you feel more or less clean with or without the addition of loss of pubic hair is completely up to you.

Here’s Why Self Grooming Down There Is Actually Really Important

Is There a Right Way to Groom?

Every woman has a different experience and with different experiences come different preferences. Some woman prefers to wax, some prefer to laser, some like to shave. Some women like no hair, some like little bits of hair and some women don’t mind the hair what so ever but not one woman does it the same way or for the same reasons. So if you’re looking for the answer to whether or not there is a right or wrong way to groom down there, the answer is no, there really isn’t. When and if you choose to groom, be sure you do it the way you feel most comfortable and for the right reasons.

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Here’s Why Self Grooming Down There Is Actually Really Important

Should I Be Grooming?

As we all know, the hair we grow down there can be extremely private for a lot of us and we’ve all heard and been told many different theories about the topic. ‘Less is more’, ‘It’s not sexy to have hair’, ‘It’s not feminine’, but I’ve come to the conclusion that as women there is no right or wrong way to feel confident, sexy or feminine so if you want to be absolutely hairless, go for it. If you want a little fig leaf of hair, by all means girlfriend, you own it or if you never want to touch your lady locks then you do you queen, but whatever you choose to do, don’t you ever feel less sexy, less confident and promise me you will never ever feel less FEMININE.

Here’s Why Self Grooming Down There Is Actually Really Important

Let us know what you think is important about self grooming and what makes you feel the most feminine!

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