Here’s Why Everyone Needs To Stop Hating On Carrie Bradshaw

Most people are familiar with the show, Sex and the City. They're also familiar with Sarah Jessica Parker's character, Carrie Bradshaw. Some people love Carrie Bradshaw and some people hate her. Here's why people need to stop hating on Carrie Bradshaw, after all she has some of the best quotes in history.

So Sex and the City has been my favorite show for quite some time. I have seen every episode anywhere from 5-10 times and it just doesn’t get old. Call me basic. To be quite honest, I am tired of everyone always hating on my girl Carrie. Does she have her faults? Yes, of course, but who would want to watch a television show with a character who never messes up or makes selfish decisions? Not me. I’m all in it for the drama, especially since watching people make mistakes makes me feel better about my own life and decisions. Anyway, I am here to play devil’s advocate for the day and tell you that you need to stop hating on Carrie Bradshaw right now!

Jealousy isn’t pretty people, and who wouldn’t want to get paid enough for a Manhattan apartment with a walk in closet and new Manolo Blahnik shoes on a sex/relationship columnist’s salary? That’s what I thought. Even SJP herself told Harpar’s Bazaar UK, “She was a really good friend. That’s why they can forgive those very apparent flaws and selfishness.” Here are 10 reasons why Carrie Bradshaw will always be iconic. Listen up people.

1. She is a great friend.

Refer to the above quote. Carrie is ALWAYS there for her girlfriends in times of need, even if it is inconvenient for her to do so.

2. She knows exactly who she is.

Although it may not always seem it, deep down Carrie knows exactly what she wants and is able to make decisions about her life regardless of whether the audience agrees with them or not.

3. Carrie is herself apologetically.

Carrie knows who she is and doesn’t care if you don’t like it. She’ll tell you like it is and not bull shit you about her opinions.

4. She owns her shit.

Although she might not at first, she always owns up to her mistakes or faults and contemplates the events after the fact. She doesn’t strive to brush things under the rug. Sometimes she may be naive or boy crazy, but she doesn’t pretend to be something she isn’t.

5. She is independent.

Yes, her apartment is unrealistic based on her career as a writer, however, her character is financially stable, and not afraid to be on her own. She loves her “me” time and always puts herself first.

6. She’s charasmatic as hell.

Show me a cooler person than Carrie Bradshaw. Everything she does is so fabulous. Seriously, she is one bad-ass chick and I am forever jealous. I’d love to live in Manhattan as a writer taking cabs on the reg, drinking cosmos, and going out for every meal. But unfortunately that is not my lot in life.

7. She is genuine and down to earth.

Carrie never comes across to me as pretentious or entitled. She is always super genuine in her conversations with people and does not a “holier than thou” attitude.

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8. She knows how to have fun.

Carrie is fun, silly, and energetic basically each time we see her (unless, of course, she is crying over a man). It’s hard not to be envious of her champagne lifestyle. She loves to go out dancing, to the new hottest bars, and shopping. What is not to love?

9. She is relatable.

One of the reasons that Sex and the City is so beloved is that Carrie is emotionally relatable. We watch her go through the ups and downs of heartbreak and loss. We also want to root for her and celebrate in her victories.

10. She is forward thinking.

Carrie would definitely be considered promiscuous by some standards, especially twenty years ago. She was not concerned topics that were considered taboo either, which makes the show really iconic.

Do you think everyone needs to stop hating on Carrie Bradshaw? Let me know down below!


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