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Here’s Where To Shop For Your New Apartment Decor

Here’s Where To Shop For Your New Apartment Decor

Decorating your first apartment, or redecorating the apartment you live in now can be a fun experience. You can really go all out with new apartment decor, or keep it simple depending on what theme or style you’re going for in your apartment. There’s a ton of places that offer affordable, stylish, and modern decor that can really make your apartment shine. You can actually give your apartment the look you always wanted it to have, by shopping on a budget and at the right stores for what you need. Here’s where to shop for your new apartment decor!


I feel like everyone always has something good to say about Target, in the sense where they have just about everything you could think of. And, they definitely do well in the apartment section too. Shopping online at Target can be just as fun as going in the store, although it’s always better to see every item together in the cart to make sure it matches well. To start, “Hearth & Hand with Magnolia” might as well be the best home collaboration ever. Thanks to Joanna & Chip Gaines for giving us country meets chic household items at Target. You can really get a bit of your dream HGTV home from this line at Target, and it’s the best way to shop for new apartment decor. This means – candles, bedding, throw blankets, rugs, pillows, baskets, fake plants, and even kitchen items. You can create a simple, relaxing, minimal vibe in your apartment from start to finish. If you’re not buying Magnolia at Target, you can still find a ton of other new apartment decor there. Another super trendy line at Target is Opalhouse. Opalhouse features funky designs with bright tones, bringing vibrancy to your house. This line makes functional home decor, like lighting and storage items that will make your apartment have a chill ambiance, and keep it stylish. Throughout this line, you can find rattan style furniture, bird printed decor, lots of tassels, and an overall upbeat collection of apartment decor.


TJ Maxx / HomeGoods

If you live in a town that has one of those amazing TJ Maxx stores attached to a HomeGoods, you’re in luck when it comes to new apartment decor. While HomeGoods’ name itself gives away that they have all the essentials for apartment decor, TJ Maxx has all the extra, miscellaneous items that we can use as decor and finishing touches for making our new apartment, or current apartment have all the dreamy decor we could ever want it to. When you go to TJ Maxx, you can always find house items on clearance, but they are still one of the more affordable stores for apartment decor even when their products are sold at full price. Being able to walk in between Homegoods and TJ Maxx makes shopping for apartment decor a stress free experience since you’re most likely going to find a majority if not everything you may need to make your apartment special.


By now I’m sure a lot of people have heard of Wayfair or shopped on their website before. When it comes to furniture, Wayfair is the way to go. Finding pieces of furniture for your apartment can be a pain, especially because it seems like everything is either super expensive, or you’re just not sure exactly what goes good together. Wayfair is a good place to start when it comes to buying simple, staple pieces of furniture that you can style with throw blankets, and pillows whenever you want to change the look of your home. This is one of the simplest websites to navigate for furniture, and other decor since you can shop by department. You can read reviews from customers, as well as find some of the most chic, decor on sale.



One great online retailer that you can be sure to find unique pieces as new apartment decor is Etsy. Etsy gives people a place to sell their handcrafted pieces, such as jewelry, embroidery, wall art and more. You can be sure to find an original piece of apartment decor on Etsy that will leave all your guests asking where you got it.

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Like Target, Amazon seems to be the online website that has everything and lots of retailers that sell their own versions of what you’re looking for. You can find curtains, bed frames, comforters, couches, futons, and more on Amazon. You can also find all the smaller, miscellaneous items you would want as apartment decor for your place. You want your apartment to feel like a home, and represent who you are and what you like. Amazon is a great place to find a variety of new apartment decor.


If you have your own apartment or house, chances are you have heard of or shopped from Overstock. They are yet another online retailer that offers a vast amount of apartment decor, for everyone’s style. You can filter through Overstock’s departments and shop for decor such as accent pieces, in an easy way by sorting by size, and price. This store makes shopping online simpler, and fun – while you’re able to explore all that it has to offer for decor, and at a reasonable price. This is one of the best places to shop for new apartment decor, especially because you can really stay within your budget when you shop by price. Adding everything you’re looking for in an apartment into your cart online, is the next best way to plan how these items would look inside your apartment once you buy them. Trying any of these stores, Amazon, Target, TJ Maxx / HomeGoods, Wayfair, Etsy and Overstock can really help you decorate your apartment with that trendy, succulents everywhere, abstract art, chill vibe you always wanted inside your house.

What are your favorite places to shop at for new apartment decor? Have you shopped at any of these stores before for your household items? Let us know in the comments!