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Here’s What NOT To Wear For An Interview

Here’s What NOT To Wear For An Interview

If you have a job interview approaching, here's a list of what NOT to wear for an interview. Some of these clothing items may come across as obvious, but it's not always obvious to everyone!

The summer job season is fast approaching, and with jobs comes the interview. While I can’t tell you “your greatest weakness in the workplace” or “the five words that best describe you,” I can tell you what not to wear to for an interview to impress your future boss, and make money for concert season. It’s key that you dress to impress, and send the correct message to a future employer. Therefore this is a list of what NOT to wear for an interview!


A Tuxedo

This isn’t prom or your wedding. Looking nice doesn’t mean wearing a cummerbund and a vest, but instead a button down shirt and dress pants should suffice. If necessary, add a tie (but I’d steer clear of a bow tie).


Jeans are “Casual Friday,” not “hire me please.” Jeans suggest that you woke up, realized you had nothing to wear, threw on a nice shirt and left. Not cute, and definitely what not to wear for an interview.



No one is going to hire you if you look like you just rolled out of bed. Sweats are a no go. Sorry not sorry.


Shorts are once again “Casual Friday.” Don’t go to an interview looking like you are hanging out with your friends. Don’t do it.

Sandals/Flip Flops

No one wants to see a non pedicured foot. In fact, no one really wants to see feet in general, especially at a job interview. The goal of an interview is to present yourself as the professional employee that they want working for them. Feet are not ideal. Unless you are interviewing to be a foot model.


Athletic Wear

Unless your interview is a tryout, it’s best to leave the jerseys, athletic shorts and basketball shoes at home. It’s just common sense. Don’t do it. You will not get a job.


A dance dress

This isn’t a formal. This isn’t a semi formal. Leave the backless, floor length, corset style, two piece homecoming and prom dress in the closet.

Anything bodycon

It’s tight. It looks like you are going to the club. You can’t walk into an interview looking like you are going dancing with the girls. Even if the outfit is cute and is going to make your ex see what they are missing, it’s not going to get you a job.


Heels you can’t walk in

This isn’t The Devil Wears Prada. Heels and a skirt aren’t guaranteed to get you a job especially if you can’t walk in your heels. I have conquered the six-inch heel and I can own it, but if you can’t walk in the basic business two-inch heels, it’s best to just wear flats or wedges if they are easily. I would steer clear from open toed shoes, as they tend to look less professional than closed toe shoes, but open toed dress shoes look better than closed toe tennis shoes or shoes that don’t look professional.


I hate to repeat myself but “casual Friday” will not get you a job. It won’t. I’m sorry. Save the jeans for going out with the girls, but if you’re wondering what not to wear for an interview this is definitely it.


Sweatpants were designed for a lazy day in bed or to wear over your shorts before a game or meet. They were not designed for a job interview. Unless you are interviewing for a napping job. And if you are please call me, because I am so in.

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Leggings are cute. And great for going out with the girls. That being said, I would like to share one piece of fashion advice. Leggings are NOT pants! You will not look professional, you are not wearing dress pants. Leggings are acceptable if and only if you are wearing a long shirt over it, perhaps fingertip length, or close.


Cute for a casual Friday, but if you’re wondering what not to wear for an interview, this is it. There’s no place in the professional world for shorts. They are always going to be “cute but…”


Flip flops

First of all, if you are as clumsy as I am, you know better than to wear flip flops when you need to make an impression. I have fallen down way too many flights of stairs wearing flip flops that broke, and now I know better than to wear them around anyone I need to make a good impression. Flip flops aren’t trustworthy shoes, and tend to lend an air of casual wear instead of professional wear.

Workout Gear

I spend a lot of time in workout gear. In high school, I ran cross country. I still spend a lot of time in workout clothes training for races and half marathons. As comfy as they are, they present a more rushed, ready to hit the gym at any moment look instead of a look that focuses on making a good impression on a future employer.

Short Skirts

The acceptable length of a skirt is usually longer than the fingertips. While this sounds a bit like the dress code at most schools, this isn’t to keep from distractions for everyone else. This is simply to ensure a look of professionalism. Skirts should be longer than the fingertips or go to the knees. Anything shorter starts looking more like going to the club. It’s a sad truth, but if a skirt is too short, it’s going to make you less desirable.


Crop Tops

As cute as crop tops are, save them for concert season and Fourth of July celebrations. Crop tops just don’t lend themselves to the business world. Don’t try to make it work.

Did this advice on what not to wear for an interview help you? Let us know in the comment section below!

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