Here’s What Living Alone Feels Like In Gifs

Living alone for the first time is a frightening thing. You’ve finally entered the realm of adulthood, and you’re suddenly left to your own devices. How on earth are you going to survive? 

While living alone comes with its struggles, there are also many perks to having a space to call your own. Here’s what living alone feels like in gifs! See if you can relate. 

1. You call up a friend any time something slightly inconvenient happens…

When the washing machine starts making a suspicious noise the first time you use it, the only logical solution is to call up a more capable friend to ask for their advice. What else are you going to do, try and fix it yourself? 

Here's What Living Alone Feels Like In Gifs

2. You actually have to do the washing-up…

One of the most difficult things about adulthood is accepting that you have actual responsibilities now. Gone are the days when you could rely on your parents to do all the cleaning.

It’s up to you to keep the house sparkling. 

Here's What Living Alone Feels Like In Gifs

3. You can sing as loudly as you want in the shower…

For the first time in your life, you actually have the freedom to do exactly as you please. Feel like ordering a takeaway at 4 in the morning? Absolutely fine. Want to sing at the top of your lungs in the shower? Sure, why not? 

Who’s to stop you? 

Here's What Living Alone Feels Like In Gifs

4. You learn to become a cooking sensation…

When you live alone, you actually have to figure out a way to keep yourself alive. While ordering a pizza every evening is certainly an option, it’s probably best to try and maintain a balanced diet. So you turn to the cookbooks…

Here's What Living Alone Feels Like In Gifs

5. You can do whatever you want with your living space…

One of the best things about having your own space is deciding how to decorate it. You literally have complete creative control, and it’s great. 

Here's What Living Alone Feels Like In Gifs

6. You stay well away from all horror films…

When there’s no one else around to comfort you, horror films are a big no-no. Not if you want to go to the bathroom at night without fear of running into an axe-wielding clown. 

Here's What Living Alone Feels Like In Gifs

7. You can indulge in guilty pleasures without judgement…

While Justin Bieber’s first album has been your guilty pleasure for years, you’ve never had the courage to reveal your secret to anyone else. Now that you live alone, you’re free to jam and bop to JB to your heart’s content. 

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Here's What Living Alone Feels Like In Gifs

8. It can feel a little lonely sometimes…

If you’re used to living with lots of people, having your own place can feel a little quiet. At times, you wish that you had someone around to laugh and joke about your day with. 

Here's What Living Alone Feels Like In Gifs

9. And you often find yourself with a little too much time on your hands…

I mean, what else is there to do on a rainy Sunday afternoon other than building a blanket fort in the living room? 

Living alone means that you have to figure out your own forms of entertainment sometimes. When you’re bored of television and reading, it’s time to get those creative juices flowing. Not that that’s a bad thing…

Here's What Living Alone Feels Like In Gifs

10. But you love your newfound independence! 

Ultimately, deciding to live alone is one of the best things you ever did. You’re finally standing on your own two feet and learning how to look after yourself. While it can certainly be a struggle sometimes, you’re so glad that you took a leap of faith and built your own home. 

Here's What Living Alone Feels Like In Gifs

Which of these living alone gifs can you totally relate to? Let us know in the comments!

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