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Here’s The Ultimate Packing List For Your Summer Trip

Here’s The Ultimate Packing List For Your Summer Trip

Here's The Ultimate Packing List For Your Summer Trip

If you’re planning on going away over the Summer for a much needed vacation, then there are a few things you should absolutely add to your list of things to pack! We’ve compiled the ultimate packing list for your Summer trip that you’ll be glad you took with you. Now I’m not here to tell you to pack a toothbrush and underwear; that should be a no-brainer. My job is to remind you about these items that will make your trip a breeze!

Cute, Floaty Mini Dress

You’re on Summer vacation; you’re gonna want a cute dress that is comfortable in the heat and makes you look really good! Take it from experience, kids, this item of clothing, while it seems insignificant, will make a huge difference. When you don’t really want to wear clothes out and about, but you kind of have to, and it’s too hot for pants, slip on a floaty mini dress that shows off your tanned legs and voila! An easy, breezy Summer look!

Here’s The Ultimate Packing List For Your Summer Trip

Sunglasses and Sunglass Case

Now this may seem obvious, but people too often forget their sunglasses, and just as importantly, their sunglass case as well. Make sure you have a good quality pair that won’t easily get damaged, which shouldn’t be much of a problem if they’re in a case! It makes for a more enjoyable, stress free trip when your expensive sunglasses aren’t all scratched up from being in your handbag.


Next on your packing list should be your headphones. These are an essential piece of equipment for an enjoyable Summer trip; when you’re lying on the beach and craving some chill tunes but don’t want to be obnoxious, you’ll be glad you brought them! And let’s not forget the travelling to and from, when headphones are an absolute lifesaver on long car trips or plane rides.

Here’s The Ultimate Packing List For Your Summer Trip

Phone Charger

Your packing list isn’t complete without a phone charger on it! Get yourself a quality charger that won’t let you down after the second use. These are great not just for the travelling portion of your trip when a USB port isn’t accessible, but for the days when you’re beach hopping or exploring remote landscapes; this guy is your new best friend!

A Good Read

Phones and headphones for music are great, but Summer trips are for relaxing and setting down the technology once in a while. When you’re poolside or beachside, a good book is a fantastic way to unwind and unplug from the world. Lose yourself in a good book, or better yet, add two to your packing list! You never know just how into the book you’ll be before you’ve finished it and craving another.

Here’s The Ultimate Packing List For Your Summer Trip

Straw Wide Brim Hat

It’s a load off your mind when you know you can look hot and be sun-smart at the same time! Cute straw hats are so in at the moment, so find one with a wide brim that will protect your gorgeous face from burning! Add this to your packing list ASAP; you never know you needed something until you need it!

Here’s The Ultimate Packing List For Your Summer Trip

Quality Sunscreen

Now that your head and face is safely covered, the rest of your body is going to need protection too! Putting sunscreen on your packing list is a great idea for warding off UV rays that burn your skin and can cause all sorts of damage. In case you were thinking of spending a majority of your time tanning, invest in a quality sunscreen that is low in chemical ingredients and high in SPF. You’ll still get a tan, but without the dangers of sun damage!

Aloe Vera

If, after the hat and the sunscreen, you still find yourself with a bit of a burn, reach for a bottle of aloe vera! This stuff is magic at soothing burnt skin after a long day in the sun, and the more organic you get it, the better! In fact, just find an aloe plant, and that should set you for a few days. A pro tip is to refrigerate your aloe vera before heading out for the day, so when you come home in need of something cool, it feels so good to put something cold on burnt skin. You’re welcome.

Here’s The Ultimate Packing List For Your Summer Trip

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Dry Shampoo

Dry shampoo is an absolute life saver on any vacation, but especially in the Summer time when your hair picks up extra grease from your sunscreen, ocean or pool water and sand that gets buried in your locks! If a shower isn’t in your time limit before a sunset dinner, you’ll wish you had a bottle of dry shampoo to revive your hair. It’s a must on your packing list!

Polaroid Camera

Lastly on our ultimate Summer packing list is a polaroid camera. No doubt you’ll make some amazing memories while on your trip, so bring along a little polaroid camera to snap some moments that you can keep with you forever! And because of their handy-dandy small size, these camera’s are so good at fitting in any backpack or handbag for your convenience. Just whip it out and snap away!

Here’s The Ultimate Packing List For Your Summer Trip

How many of these items are already on your Summer packing list? Let us know in the comments!

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Here’s The Ultimate Packing List For Your Summer Trip

Here’s The Ultimate Packing List For Your Summer Trip

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