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Here’s The Ultimate List Of What To Pack For Firefly Music Festival

Here’s The Ultimate List Of What To Pack For Firefly Music Festival

If you're struggling with what to pack for Firefly music festival, then these outfits, food, and camping materials should help you narrow down a list of what to bring!

Good music, food, camping, friends, and drinks – there’s not much more to ask for when it comes to a quality music festival. The Firefly Festival is now on it’s 8th year, and man has it gotten bigger and better each year. This years acts consist of some big names like Lil Wayne, Odesza, Foster The People, Vance Joy and more! For those of you camping for the four day event, perhaps you’ve thought about what you’re going to wear, but maybe not so much the necessities. You know, like toilet paper for when the bathrooms are full, sunscreen for when you’re burnt as hell, and blankets for when you’re freezing your a** off. Often times we think about these items too late, but not with this list. Here’s what to pack for Firefly music festival when you’re too damn excited to think.

1) LOTS of Blankets & Tapestries

With music as good as the artists performing at this festival, you’re going to be dancing your ass off all day. However, when it comes time to wind down and relax, trust me, you’re going to want to sit down. A good blanket or tapestry comes in handy for when you want to rest your legs with your friends, or if you need to warm up on a chilly night!


2) A Dope Cooler From Amazon

I mean duh, where else are you going to store your booze? Not to mention, you’re going to need to squeeze in all your food and drinks for the next four days in this cooler too – so make sure you get a big one!

3) Some Heavy Duty Sunscreen

Yes, you’re definitely going to need the family sized, sport performance sunscreen! As I mentioned earlier, you’ll be dancing all day and night so you don’t want that sunscreen to wear off! Not to mention, a sunburn can literally ruin your whole trip, so lather this stuff on!


4) You’ll Need A Hammock, To Hang Out

If you’re new to Firefly, then you should probably know that they have these awesome spots called “hammock hangouts” where there’s literally tons of hammocks set up for you to lay in. However, usually the line in ridiculously long, so most people bring their own! Set up your hammock with the rest, or in your own cozy spot. It’s a great way to relax between shows!


5) Some Yummy Pre-Packaged Snacks

Between the dancing, drinking, sleeping, and whatever else you may be doing; you’re going to get hungry. Sure, you can buy food at the festival if you want to spend an arm and a leg, or you can bring your own snacks to keep you going until dinner. However, these tasty treats are definitely needed.

6) Tons And Tons Of Water

Trust me, you’re going to be on the move all day, and you’re definitely going to want water. This is one of the most essential things when wondering what to pack for firefly music festival!


7) Protect Your Face With A Bandanna

The bandannas you often see at music festivals aren’t just for style, they’re actually extremely needed. With all the dancing going on, the crowd is basically kicking up massive amounts of dirt at all times that gets right in your mouth. If you want to avoid this, wrap a bandanna around your face! It will definitely keep the dirt away!

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8) An Accessible Key-Chain Pocket Knife

You’d be surprised how often this a pocket knife comes in handy. I mean seriously, think about how hard packaged food can be to open, or if you just need some scissors to cut something! Having a pocket knife doesn’t hurt, especially when it’s accessible as something that can go on your key-chain!


9) Lock Up Your Belonging With These Locks

Throw all your luggage in your tent and lock it up with these padlocks! You’re literally going to be surrounded by people at all times, so it’s best that you lock up your items so that they don’t get stolen! This should definitely be a priority when figuring out what to pack for firefly music festival.


10) Set The Mood With Some Tiki Torches

Who says you’re going to go to bed when you return back to your camp site at night? The party still goes on, especially if you have some tiki torches so that you can all see one another! Tiki torches aren’t only necessary in order to see, but they provide good vibes as well, so you have to get them.

Did this list help you figure out what to pack for Firefly music festival? Let us know in the comment section below!

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