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Here’s The Different Types Of Drunk Girls You’ll Meet At The Club

Here’s The Different Types Of Drunk Girls You’ll Meet At The Club

Drunk girls are a completely different species, because they are so unpredictable. There are ones that drink their body weight in alcohol and transform into a different person and then there are the ones that cry about Chris Hemsworth in the bathroom. 

We know the ones you should avoid and the ones that you should keep close to. Either way, you’ve come across each type of drunk girl at least once. And if you haven’t, then you probably are that drunk girl. 

Here are the different type of drunk girls you’ll meet at the club!

The Loud One

Yes, alcohol makes quite a lot of people loud. However, loud drunk girls are on a whole other level. 

Not only that, but they have a larger range. Their loudness ranges from angry to happy to “DJ, drop the beat quick”.

Although they’re trying to have the time of their lives, their loudness can sometimes become annoying and frustrating when you’re not at that stage of intoxication. 

Here’s The Different Types Of Drunk Girls You’ll Meet At The Club

The Overly Nice One

They are the backbone of the nightlife scene and these type of drunk girls must be protected at all costs! 

Everyone has experienced an overly nice drunk girl interaction (probably in the bathroom of a club). They will compliment you on your outfit or lipstick while simultaneously trying to keep themselves from toppling over. 

They are pure at heart and only want the best for strangers. 

If you ever need a tampon, the overly nice drunk girl will have your back.

The “Move, This Song Is My Jam” One

Some people like to pretend like the dance floor of a club is their own personal area. 

Whenever you hear a drunk girl scream excitedly at the beginning of a song– run. Once they get going, they will take no prisoners. Because they are so enthusiastic about their own dancing, they will unapologetically elbow your jaw or step on your foot. 

They are not aware of their surroundings and do not take others into consideration. 

Most of all, if they’re holding a drink in their hand while dancing, be prepared to get drenched.

Here’s The Different Types Of Drunk Girls You’ll Meet At The Club

The Angry One

This type of drunk girl is itching for an argument or a fight. When drunk people see red, they are unstoppable. When a drunk girl sees red, they are like a little chihuahua ready to bite your head off. 

Although they seem cute and harmless at first, they can ruin your evening in a heartbeat. 

And no, the bark is definitely not worse than the bite. Drunk angry girls have got nothing to lose until it’s time to go home. 

The Crying One

Whether they’re crying in the bathroom stall while people are waiting to use the toilet or in the middle of the dance floor, the type of drunk girls that cry on a night out were not even supposed to be partying in the first place. 

Whether they’re sad or stressed from the day before, alcohol will only make matters worse for them.

Even though they are completely harmless, it’s still upsetting to see a girl crying while her mascara bleeds down her cheeks and you suddenly think to yourself: “Who let Alice Cooper in here?”

Here’s The Different Types Of Drunk Girls You’ll Meet At The Club

The Falling Asleep One

These type of drunk girls have surpassed their own drinking limits and want to go home! 

However, since their friends are not prepared to go home, she will take a short nap anywhere she pleases. A dark corner is perfect for a power-nap, but it’s still quite dangerous. 

The girl that falls asleep on a night out should be sent home so she can get a good night’s sleep in the comfort of her own bed, without having to worry about her surroundings.

Here’s The Different Types Of Drunk Girls You’ll Meet At The Club

The Life Ruiner

Of course, these drunk girls aren’t going to ruin other people’s lives– it’s worse. They are the type of drunk girls who will ruin their own lives. 

Whether it’s texting an ex-partner or causing drama between their own friends, they will ruin something that night. 

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Almost always, these actions are regretful in the morning, but once the damage has already been done.

Here’s The Different Types Of Drunk Girls You’ll Meet At The Club

The Sick One

If they haven’t lined their stomach with food before a night out, they will throw up. 

If they have eaten too much, they might throw up. 

If they mix their liquor, they will throw up. 

The sick type of drunk girl is usually inevitable, because we’ve all been in her shoes, but it’s still not nice to see it or be it. Because, once it’s out, there’s no holding back. Remember to stay hydrated and hand a glass of water to those who are in need!

Or you might be on the receiving end of the sick girl.

The Shots-Shots-Shots One

There is always that one girl among a group of friends who will shove drinks and shots down their friend’s throat. If you don’t know a girl like this, then you probably are it. 

There is no limit for this girl and she will bring everyone around her down with her, because everyone needs to be drinking a lot at all times. 

You can’t afford it? Don’t worry, she’ll pay. 

Here’s The Different Types Of Drunk Girls You’ll Meet At The Club

The Horny One

There is no way to sugarcoat this, but alcohol just does something to people that awakens their inner sexual goddess. 

This is dangerous for the horny drunk girls, because they will have no standards. It is up to the people around her to stop her from making any mistakes she will probably regret in the morning. If not, then let them enjoy themselves with someone who is just as interested. As long as she’s self-aware.

If you see a girl grinding against your leg, they’re probably trying to flirt. This is when you know it’s time for them to go home.

We have all found ourselves in at least 3 of these drunk girl phases. Either way, we must look out for each other. 

Comment below if you know of another type of drunk girl we should be aware of!

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