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Here’s The College Bucket List You Need Before You Graduate

Here’s The College Bucket List You Need Before You Graduate

Having a college bucket list is essential. Here are things all guys should do during college. Check out this college bucket list,Check them off your list.

College isn’t just a time for coming into your own; it’s also a time where stirring the pot is absolutely acceptable. You won’t be able to fuck around once you graduate so you may as well get it out of your system before you hit the real world. Don’t be a tool that spends his entire college experience inside a frat house or glued to the couch playing video games. If you don’t want to have a generic college experience, here is a college bucket list to get you started.

Road Trip

This is a rite of passage. If you haven’t already checked this off your college bucket list freshman year, you should put it high on your list of priorities. This is the most acceptable yet ultimate bro thing you can do during college. The destination doesn’t matter because you are bound to have a shit ton of stories to tell about how fucking stupid you guys were. Road trips are a fun time to cut loose and have a few laughs. Hit up New Orleans, Los Angeles, New York City, Chicago and any of the other major cities.

Skip An Entire Day Of Class

Don’t be a loser – have a bit of fun skipping an entire day of classes. Just make sure not to fuck yourself over in one of your classes by skipping out on a quiz/test day. Have yourself a Ferris Bueller’s day off; you know you’ve wanted to.


Go Abroad

If you don’t go abroad, you’re a fucking loser. This is the greatest time in college that shouldn’t be missed. You can’t go wrong hitting up Melbourne or Sydney, Australia.

Hit On Someone Out Of Your League

May as well give it a go.

Walk Of Shame

Don’t think this one will be hard to do. You’ll relish in it for sure.


Go Streaking

It’s basically a rite of passage for guys in college. If you haven’t already checked this one off the list, you might want to.

Drink/Smoke/Sleep With Your RA

I’m hoping at some point in your college career you have a cool enough RA where you can at least grab a beer with them. If that’s not the case, definitely feel bad for you.

Tell Someone Other Than Your Rents You Love Them

… and mean it. You should at least fall in love with someone once during your time in college. College is a time for opening yourself up to other people and realizing emotions aren’t lame.

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You’ve probably already done this but every college experience has a darty involved.

Call Out A Professor

College classes are places where you should be speaking your mind. If you haven’t already figured it out, professors appreciate being challenged. If you disagree, say it. Don’t be a kiss-ass and tell the professor what you think they want to hear. Not chill.


Wake Up Somewhere You Don’t Recognize

Leave Your Number For An Attractive Bartender

Put yourself out there. You know you’ve always wanted to get in touch with the hot bartender who’s always serving you and your friends. What’s there to lose?

Visit Your Friends At Another College

Visiting your friends at other schools is always one for the books. There’s no doubt you’ll get yourself into trouble. Who knows – you may even get your friend written up during your stay (guilty).

What do you have on your college bucket list?! Drop us a line!!
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