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Here’s The Blackhead Removal Products That Actually WORK

If you do not suffer with blackheads – we really envy you. You may have tried many products that haven’t really worked for you. Blackhead removers don’t always work either and it is near impossible to find a permanent solution. With the use of these products you wont have to cover up all the time and you will feel the confidence to wear no makeup and let your skin breathe. These top three products range in price but are all perfect at doing what they are made to do. No blackheads – no problem. 

What Are Blackheads?

Blackheads occur when your pores become clogged with excess oil, debris or skin cells. When the oil oxidises that is when they turn black, so the black stuff in your face isn’t horrible dirt – it is oil. They are different to white heads because the pore remains open, so you are likely to get them on your T zone where the most oil occurs on your face. A whitehead gets blocked over. Blackheads will always come back every 20-40 days because they are a cause of excess oil. Annoying, eh? But with the help of these products you will minimise the chances of getting them back again. 


Exfoliating your face is not just great for getting the dead skin cells off your face, it is also great for getting to the tiny pores with the use of microbeads. By exfoliating you are essentially trying to clean out your pores and get rid of the oil on the skin. Try to avoid over exfoliating as it will inflame the area and you will have a different problem to solve. You should be ideally aiming to exfoliate once or twice a week – no more. 

This product is a great exfoliator that is gentle on the skin while getting all those nasty oils and dead skin cells off. It is also really good for acne prone skin. Bye bye to blackheads. 

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Anti-clog Warming Mask

If you suffer from clogged pores or acne prone skin then this product is for you. It’s great for weekly use on the areas of your face which are the most affected by blackhead build-up. It has one-minute hot pore technology which warms the face (perfect for those days you are feeling extra cold), containing clay and micropumice. If the fact it is warming and uncloggs your pores isn’t enough i don’t know what will be. 

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Nose Strips

Nose strips are one of the most satisfying things on earth. All the dirt and oil clogged up in the pores of your skin will be visible and stuck to the nose strip. With weekly use it will get less and less but it is a great way of getting all that nasty stuff out of your skin. You will get so much satisfaction out of ‘who’s strip looks the worst’ and you will even find yourself going round the house showing people that that came out of your nose. 

Any nose strips work fine but you need to make sure you apply them to wet skin and let them dry thoroughly or they won’t work as well. You get a few in a pack so they are brilliant to use as a pamper night with friends or regular uses by yourself. The best ones are deep cleansing ones but you can also get ones with charcoal in them and fancy colour ones if you want some fun in your pores.

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Have you got a favourite product which gets rid of blackheads? We would love to hear about it, comment below what it is and where to find it!

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