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Here’s Some Ways to Show Your Friend You Care When You’re Apart

Here’s Some Ways to Show Your Friend You Care When You’re Apart

Friendships are absolutely beautiful things, so if you form a good one, keep that friendship close to your heart. You never know when things change, and life gets in the way. 

Speaking of life, when it gets in the way, we tend to leave our friends in the back of our mind. And it’s through no fault of our own. Sometimes there are more urgent things that need tending to, whether its bills or kids. 

For times like these, it’s important to let your friends know that you still love and care about them! You can do this in a multitude of ways, from sending them memes to sending them food or a gift. If you’re looking for ideas to this, then this is for you! 


Here’s a few ways to show your friends that you care about them. 

1. Care Packages 

Care packages are a pretty effective way of showing your friends that you care. Fill up a bag or package full of stuff that you know or think that your friends would like!

One of the most affordable options would be to fill it with their favorite candy or favorite foods. You can fill it with drinks (if it’s glass, be sure to wrap it in a ton of bubble wrap first!), a bunch of snacks, and a ton of other things they like. 


If you want to splurge a bit more, you can totally buy products that they like that isn’t food. What we mean is that you can buy them a mug, makeup, a new watch, or any merchandise from something that they’re obsessed with! Are they obsessed with anime? Get them a shirt or a plushie from their favorite anime! You can do the same with a video game they love. 

Whatever the case, there’s many things that you can do with a care package. It shows that you listened to their likes and dislikes and their obsessions. It’s great!


2. Stay Connected 

Staying connected with your friends is one of the most effective ways to show your friends that you care. And it doesn’t cost anything extra, unless you’re paying for your phone, of course. 

If you and your friends are at different universities, or just grappling with being new parents, it’s inevitable that you both don’t end up texting for a while. If you’re young right now, maybe in high school, we’re not saying that you’ll drift apart completely as you get older. Maybe you won’t, but it also might happen. 

But to get back to the point, maybe you haven’t texted Alyssa or Joe in a while. Why not send them a text? It takes four, maybe five seconds to send that text. Just ask them how they’re doing, how’s life, or how’s school going. 


This shows that you’re thinking about them, and shows that you care about your friends! 

3. Offer to Order Something For Them

In the modern time, we’re all used to ordering stuff online, whether it’s groceries, diapers, or just something pretty  that we like. You can get anything online nowadays. What we’re trying to say that you should totally use that to your advantage by buying stuff online for your friends.  


If your friends have an amazon list, ask them if their list is public, and try to get something that they need! Or if they mention that they’re running out of a specific item, like shampoo, diapers, or whatever else, then go ahead and get that specific item! 

You’ll give them a pleasant surprise, along with showing them that you care about them. What better way to show your friends that you care? 


4. Go Out of Your Way to Plan a Special Night 

Like we’ve been saying this entire time, life gets in the way of things. It always does. So that also means that short of texting and sending letters via pigeon carrier, there’s not enough time in the day to actually attempt to hang out with said friends. There’s a probability that you’re all feeling a bit lonely. 

What can you do about that? Well, try and plan out a day where all your friends can hang out together, and spend a day with each other. Hang out, and have fun with wherever you guys end up. 

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Some quarantine friendly hang out ideas could entail setting up a picnic in a park, or setting up a cooking date. Another suggestion would be to get in one car and just drive around for a little bit, talking and laughing. Or if you don’t like those ideas, just hang out and catch up with your friends! 

Whatever you decide to do, it’s going to be fun if its with your friends. 


5. Tell Your Friends How Much You Love Them

Sometimes this is all they need. They might be the kind of people that don’t like the grand gesture, or things to placate them; maybe all they need is for you to tell them how much you love them. 

When we’re busy, we tend to forget to say these things, so it’s important that you take the time to tell your friends that you care and that you love them. They may be in a rut, and something like that may not get them out of it, but it’ll sure help them just a little bit knowing someone is there for them. 

You can do this through text, or through something more tangible like a letter. If you write someone a letter, then it’s at least three times more heartfelt than just a text. 


Whatever you plan on doing with your friends, just remember that they might not always be around to answer your text, write you a letter, or give you a care package. It’s really all about just knowing someone is there for them, and they may find that kind of support in you! So just remember that even though they may not answer right away, they might be busy. Just be there. 

How do you plan on showing your friends that you care? Let us know, we’re so curious!

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