Here’s Some Badass Girl Tattoos To Rock For The New Year

If you're a women who's looking for some badass girl tattoos to rock in the New Year, then these small feminist tattoo ideas are a meaningful way to show your stance on girl power! These tattoos can be hidden or out in the open, it's all about how you want to preach your female rights!

2017 showed its colors in many different shades, but especially in the realm of female rights. The last few months of the year brought outbreaks of sexual harassment cases that forced celebrities, athletes, and even politicians out of their careers. It was a f*cked up year, to say the least. However, what we can all count on in the new year is to shed some light on what feminists have been preaching all along, equality. If you’re one of the girl bosses out there who is fed up with the way that women have been treated, then we have some small badass girl tattoos that we think you should rock.

1) The Gender Symbol

No man can control what a women can or can not do, as you can tell by the placement of this tattoo (their middle finger). This is one of the greatest badass girl tattoos because the gender symbol is a classic way of showing who’s boss.


It’s needless to say that if you want true equality, it’s a good idea to encourage empowerment to all of the women out there.


3) Matching Tattoos

If you and your friends have similar views, try getting matching tattoos! The more people preaching, the better!

4) If You’re A Feminist, Wear It With Pride

I love the design of this tattoo. Not only is it straight and to the point, but it has some deep meaning to it. Definitely one of the best badass girl tattoos!

5) You Really Can

There’s nothing better then looking in the mirror and getting that daily reminder that you’re capable of everything. A small quote tattoo like this will keep you going, even on the days that you want to give up!


6) All Men And Women Were Created Equal

This goes without saying, but for some reason nowadays it has to be explained. Without a doubt, women deserve the same rights as men!


Every women has a bright future, despite any setbacks that society may force upon us. We are strong, and yes – we have the world to go.

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8) A Promise To Be Equal

This tattoo can be interpreted however you’d like, but the moral of the story is that there’s light at the end of the tunnel. One of the days, we’ll all be on the same page!

9) To Embrace All Body Types

Women are always being criticized for being too big, or being too small. This tattoo allows you to see a women for who she truly is, without size.

10) F*ck Your Opinion

No one wants to be controlled, and this tattoo is stating just that. Pro-choice, birth control rights – need I say more?


What did you think of these badass girl tattoos? Let us know in the comment section below!

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