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Here’s How Yoga Helps Your Mind Too

Here’s How Yoga Helps Your Mind Too

Yoga has been popular among many people as an alternative workout that assists with flexibility, core strength and all-around stability. But! yoga can help with your mind and mental health more than any other workout. Find a studio near you and give it a go, whats the worst that could happen.

Calm The Nervous System 

If you suffer from anxiety, or generally find it hard to calm yourself down. Try yoga to focus on your breathing. Yoga is heavily centred around breathing, not only deep breathing but breathing in conjunction with the poses and movements. This focus on deep breathing can help to centre yourself and calm the nervous system. During a yoga class there are multiple things to focus on in order to complete the class successfully, this will help you to let your mind and worries escape from your mind. You won’t be able to focus on the stresses in your life. So breathe deeply and feel your nervous system relax! This is a massive reason as to how yoga helps your mind. 


Sense Of Self 

The calming energy that yoga brings you will help you centre yourself, and get in touch with yourself again. Yoga can help to bring a sense of self through focusing on your movements. Through trusting yourself to hold poses and movements you will build your relationship with yourself. Building a sense of self is important, it can help you to understand what makes you happy and bring awareness to the things that enrich your life. Being in touch with what truly makes you happy will make your life easier in the long run, you will be able to make decisions based on knowing what you want your life to be. 

Stop Negative Emotions 

Allowing your mind to escape will not only allow you to have a break from your own thoughts but will, more importantly, stop your negative emotions clouding your everyday life. Negative emotions may be making their way into your life more than you are aware of. If you are letting negative emotions and thoughts into your mind on a daily basis, you will eventually become less aware that you are allowing these thoughts in. Through yoga, your intention for the session will be the thought or emotion that you focus on. Allowing nothing but your positive intention into your mind. So go ahead and give yoga a go, you will let your mind breath and get back to the positive mindset that everyone should have by default. This is a very important aspect of how yoga can help your mind and not just your body.

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Mental Clarity 

Exercise, in general, is a great way to escape and clear your mind. Yoga is no exception, however, it is more effective. Through the deep breathing, concentration on the poses and the opportunity your mind has to escape without strenuous work. This offers an excellent time to clear your mind and help with hard decisions or elements within your life that needs thought and concentration. If you are like me and having a busy schedule can make your brain feel foggy and unclear. Leaving you unable to make smart decisions, even with such simple things as being in a good mood. Yoga and its ability to help you be mentally clear will allow your brain to clear itself and help you to be happier day to day, and allow you to consciously be happier day to day. 


Find your nearest yoga studio and give it a go, let us know how yoga has changed your day to day mental health and mindset towards everyday life! 

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