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Here’s How To Try The Newest Summer Hair Trend: Ash Blonde

Here’s How To Try The Newest Summer Hair Trend: Ash Blonde

Here's How To Try The Newest Summer Hair Trend: Ash Blonde

A new hair trend has taken over, and it’s not pastel or colorful hair. Ash blonde is a super chic style of dyed hair that is perfect for summer. To make sure you’re hair and beauty game is on point, here’s how to try the newest summer hair trend: Ash Blonde

What Is Ash Blonde Hair

The ash blonde hair trend is a variation of the very popular style of balayage¬† hair dying. Ash blonde hair means that the roots and top of your hair is more of a dirty blonde while the ends and highlights are a cool platinum blonde. It doesn’t matter if your hair is long or short, it will look good on any cut or style! This hair trend is a unique take on blonde hair and will make you look classy AF!


Salon Or DIY?

If you’re not a hair dye expert I would highly suggest going to a salon. This hair trend is all about blending and layering highlights to achieve this cool toned blonde look. It’s hard to do all of that on your own at home but if you have the right supplies and a lot of confidence go ahead! Yes, going to a salon is expensive and you could be paying anywhere from 80 to 200 dollars to get your hair done, but having beautiful well done hair that you know will look amazing is worth the money!


Will I Have To Bleach My Hair?

The answer to this question really depends on if you have darker or lighter hair. If you’re already naturally blonde, this color will be super easy to achieve and you probably won’t have to use any bleach. However, if you have darker hair or if you’ve dyed it a lot, you’re definitely going to have to use bleach to get those light icy highlights. The good news is, the bleach will mostly be applied to the bottom of your hair so the damage will be minimal.


How Hard Is It To Keep Up With

Luckily, Ash blonde doesn’t require as much salon maintenance as other popular hair trends like pastel hair. If you’re naturally blonde/dirty blonde, the regrowth of your hair won’t be that noticeable. How often you go to the salon for a touch up is honestly up to you but I would be prepared to go at least every two months. How often you need a touch up also depends on how well you take care of your hair and how much you’re in the sun (sun will keep your highlights light). This is definitely one of the easiest hair dye styles to keep up with so it’s perfect for anyone who is just starting to dye their hair or doesn’t like dying their hair too much!

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How Do I Take Care Of Ash Blonde Hair

What products you use after you dye your hair will make a huge difference in how your hair looks. In order to keep your hair looking healthy, you’ll need to get different conditioner, shampoo, and invest in some hair masks to restore hydration to dyed and bleached hair. Another suggestion is to not wash your hair as often if you can because that will make the dye fade faster. Overall, Ash blonde hair is really easy to take care of if you get the right products.


Ash blonde hair is the perfect hair trend to try out this summer because it’s easy to take care of, looks amazing, and super flattering!

Would you try out the ash blonde hair trend? Why or why not? What other hair trends do you think are super popular for summer? Let us know in the comments below!

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