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Here’s How to Make Working From Home Fun

Here’s How to Make Working From Home Fun

Working from home gives you the time to relax, cut out the commute, dress in comfy clothes, and take a break from the office. It’s is a wonderful opportunity…that is until you have to do it every single day. 

When you work from every day, it becomes hard to balance your office and home life. The lines are blurred, you suddenly feel lazy all the time, motivation diminishes, and without any interpersonal dynamics, it can be boring! But do not fear–there are ways you can make working from home a fun and fulfilling experience. Check out a few ideas below to make your experience an enjoyable one!

1. Start With a Quick Workout

Sitting in front of a computer all day is DIFFICULT. Sure, it’s not physically demanding like many other jobs, but somehow it is still exhausting. Crouching in front of a computer screen for so many hours may give you back or neck aches. Your legs will also definitely be itching for movement as you make your way through your workload.

This is why starting off your day with a workout can make all the difference! If you stretch your legs for a bit — whether you go out for a short run or do a quick at-home workout — you will feel a lot more energized. Suddenly, sitting in front of your computer for hours on end will be less strenuous and more desirable. The adrenaline and endorphins you get from your movement early on in the day will make your working from home situation a whole lot better. 

Here’s How to Make Working From Home Fun

2. Make a Cozy Work Space

The physical location of your workspace can also considerably affect your day. If you blur the lines and use the same spaces for relaxation and work it will make it difficult for you to fully concentrate. It is crucial to get into a proper ‘work mode’ and your workspace makes a tremendous difference.

I recommend picking a spot with a lot of daylight and surrounding yourself with air-purifying potted plants — you’ll feel fresh and alive and less like a prisoner to the cubicle.  Creating a cute workspace will not only help you concentrate, but it can also make working from home fun.

Here’s How to Make Working From Home Fun

3. Wear a Cute & Comfy Outfit

Working from home does not necessarily entail wearing a sweatshirt and no pants. It also doesn’t mean you have to be office-ready. Find your happy medium and create your own cute and comfortable work from home fashion! The best work from home fashion pieces will be adorable, somewhat fancy, and still completely comfortable.

Don’t torture yourself with tight-fitting blazers or uncomfortable pants. Wear some cute cozy leggings with a nice floral top! Or, put on a long and loose-fitting dress–flowy dresses have mastered the balance between incredible comfort and beautiful sophistication. You’ll feel ready for the workday with very little effort! 

Here’s How to Make Working From Home Fun

4. Take ‘Coffee’ Breaks

It may seem straightforward, but taking breaks for drinks or snacks will help you overcome the mundanity of working from home. Your breaks will be even more fun if you have solid supplies of fun or interesting things to snack on or drink.

Create your own barista-worthy drinks; matcha lattes, fancy iced coffees, delicious smoothies– these are all great options! Taking five to ten minutes to make a fancy drink will definitely lift your spirits. Then, when you are once again back to the grind, you will have something fun and delicious to sip on as you make your way through the day. 

Here’s How to Make Working From Home Fun

5. Plan a Fun Lunch Break

On a similar note, plan something fun to do during your lunch break. If you have a full hour — or even half an hour — you can actually do a lot! Go for a quick walk or run, plan a fun meal, or order take out. Do something that will put a smile on your face and give you a real break from the otherwise monotonous day.

Here’s How to Make Working From Home Fun

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6. Listen to Music

This is your chance to play that new album you’ve been meaning to give a listen to! You can either find a playlist to help you concentrate or just play songs you enjoy listening to at random intervals throughout the workday. Don’t forget to take dance breaks! Movement is essential in helping you to fully embrace working from home. 

Here's How to Make Working From Home Fun

7. Chat With Your Team

This is where workplace chatrooms, like Slack, come in handy. If you’re the type of worker who needs social interaction throughout the day to stay sane, you can still make it happen!

A fun thing to do is to send memes or other interesting things you come across while browsing online within messaging rooms. Respond to things other people send and have a little fun! If you don’t have this type of casual virtual office environment, you can also reach out to friends and family throughout the day for a little entertainment.

8. Change it Up

Part of the beauty of working from home is the control you have over your space. You don’t have to work at the same desk for the full eight hours, you can change your location as often as you want! (If you have a laptop, that is.) This is your chance to flop down on your couch or bed at the end of the day when you just can’t take it anymore. 

Here’s How to Make Working From Home Fun

9. Keep Strict Hours

It’s crucial not to let your work life bleed into your home life. This can easily happen when you live both these lives in the same house or apartment. When the clock strikes five or six and you are finally done for the day, keep it that way. Don’t check your email unless you absolutely have to. Don’t open your laptop again unless it is for recreational reasons. Giving yourself this sort of mental break will make the next day a lot more manageable and a lot more fun! 

Here’s How to Make Working From Home Fun

How do you make working from home enjoyable? Share your own favorite ways to shake up the workday in the comments below!

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