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Heres How To Make Simple Makeup Pop

Heres How To Make Simple Makeup Pop

Simple makeup is fun and easy to do, with a beautiful flawless finish. What many don’t know, is just how to achieve that simple makeup look. You don’t have to spend a fortune, and this simple look can be achieved in minutes. Don’t worry, because this article is going to explain everything you need to know about simple makeup looks! Follow these 9 simple tips!

1. Focus On Certain Features

The first tip on how to get that simple makeup flawless look is by focusing heavily on your lips, eyes, or even cheekbones. This is a natural and easy way to make your features stand out, and leaves your makeup simple but also noticeable. For instance, if your lips are your favorite feature, but you’re wearing light makeup everywhere else on your face, maybe your go-to is to brighten up with a bright pink lip stain. There are many different lip colors that correspond with your skin shade.

Heres How To Make Simple Makeup Pop

2. Mascara

One of the easiest ways to make your simple makeup pop is by adding mascara. In my opinion, mascara is one of the easiest ways to add some color to your makeup look. It darkens lashes, extending them to make them appear longer, which is another way to define your makeup. Just a couple coats, depending on what brand you choose, and your good to go! Personally, my favorite mascara is by Clinique and doesn’t break the bank, with a price of just $20.00. Maybelline and Neutrogena also offer a great product for mascara, too, and you can find it at any drug store.

Heres How To Make Simple Makeup Pop

3. Use Blush

Another tip for adding some color or brightness to your look is by adding blush. A few brands that offer a great product is Nars, Maybelline, Clinique, Estee Lauder, and so on. Just a sweep or two across your cheekbones, (aim high) and you’ll end up with a rosy pink finish and natural bronze. Choose your best shade anywhere ranging from corals, soft pinks, rosy pinks, or even one of the shades in the red family. Personally, I love this step. I think blush adds a perfectly soft, brush of color on the face without overdoing it.

Heres How To Make Simple Makeup Pop

4. Sun-Kissed Bronze

Everyone loves that bronze, glow, sunkissed look that makes you look as if you were out in the sun on vacation. Plus, this is an easy way to make your makeup pop! For the best results, you want to aim toward applying the bronzer where the sun would naturally hit anyways. These areas are down across the temples, and just below where you apply your blush. One of the perks of buying bronzer as well is that pretty much any drugstore will have it, and for relatively cheap, as well. Check out Ulta, CVS, or your local drug stores!

5. Line Those Lips!

Lip color is one of the best ways to define your makeup. Choose between reds, shades of pink, soft corals, or even purple. Many of us forget about lip liner, and that’s ok! I honestly love lining my lips, and it makes the color that much more obvious! You can find lip liner at almost any local store. Also, lip liner is fun to use!

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6. All About Eyes

This next tip for making simple makeup pop is going to depend on what color eyes you have. Certain shades and trends vary on the color of your eyes. For instance, deciding on the shade of your eye shadow will be different for everyone’s eye color. With that in mind, I have green eyes, so I would do a white or cream-colored eye shadow just subtle enough that it looks aesthetically pleasing, but also grabs the attention and makes the makeup pop. Another way to add glam is with eyeliner, either black or blue. A little bit of eyeliner goes a long way, and you can choose to add it to the top of your lash line, or the bottom. The best tip to keep it simple is only to apply the eyeliner on the top lash line, and not both.

7. Glossy Girl

The best way to add some glam while still keeping it simple is by adding a nude color gloss. The brand “Glossier” offers a bunch of different products that are meant to be subtle touches of color while still keeping it simple. Kylie Jenner’s new makeup line also offers a wide range of lip stains and lip colors, as well. The clear gloss is an optional step, just appearing to be a more finished and polished look, and still keeping your makeup look light and simple.

8. Highlight

OK, I know this may sound obvious, but try to use a highlighter across your upper cheekbones, and down your nose. Similar to the bronzer, you want it to look natural, applying it to places that the sun would normally hit anyway. The best way to follow this guideline is by using the “t zone” format. The t zone just means it is down your nose and across your upper cheekbone area. With highlighter, remember that less is more, and you don’t want to overuse the product. I would recommend a powder instead of a highlighter stick, which usually appears to thick on the skin.

9. Quantity Matters

Of course, when achieving a subtle or simple makeup look, you want to keep in mind how much or how little of the product you are using. For instance, with foundation, or concealer, (or however you cover up imperfections), it’s ideal to only use 1-2 layers to achieve that bare face look. Similarly, one to two coats of mascara and a quick sweep of a light-colored eye shadow across the lid would be perfect. To achieve that effortlessly beautiful look, it’s important not to overuse any of the products on your face. That means, less is more!

What is your favorite way to have your makeup pop? Thank you so much for reading and I hope everyone enjoyed my article!

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