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Here’s How To Juggle Greek Life And Grades

Here’s How To Juggle Greek Life And Grades

Greek life stress? Grades and classes stressing you out? Well, here’s a guide to all your must-have tips for success and deans list. We know college can be stressful, especially when you add extra curricular’s and a stressful workload. Not to worry, because with these strategies we hope to help you conquer the semester!  

1. Make A Routine 

One easy way to succeed in college is by developing a routine and stick to it. This will help with your grades and schoolwork, but also greek life. College life has many ups and downs, and twists and turns. Having a routine will help you feel less stressed, as well. The best way to create this is, first of all, be realistic. Don’t hold yourself to an unreasonable standard. If you have class on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 9 in the morning until 4 in the afternoon, maybe go easy those days, and make a goal of 30 minute homework time. On a Monday, or Wednesday, if you get out of class around noon, that is the time to really get some work done. Plan to hit the library on those two days for about 3-4 hours, and implement breaks. Bring coffee, water, and snacks. You’d be surprised how much you can get done in those few hours! 


2. Utilize Tutoring 

Similar to making a routine, tutoring can be a lifesaver. Once a week or so, whatever your worst subject, make a commitment to seek an appointment. I used to do this with Spanish, and I’d get a lot done when I’d go once a week, I’d go to do my homework. It is an easy way that forces you to get work done, and some classes even give extra credit or participation points if they know you have sought out tutoring. Nonetheless, it can score you some points with the professor, and they won’t forget your effort. Tutoring is a great way to stay on top of your classes while a part of greek life, and the social environment of college in general. 

3. Set Aside Time To Relax

Everyone needs time for relaxation, and even with the stress of college, it’s important to find the time. Set aside time once a week, every week, for your time. Go for a run, go for a drive, go shopping, hang out with friends, go on a dinner date, listen to music, or whatever floats your boat. I get runners high, and I love running. I also love shopping, which can be dangerous. Whatever your hobby or stress reliever, everyone needs to recharge their batteries!


4. Get Balanced 

I know that this may seem obvious, but you can easily be successful at school and still enjoy greek life by having a steady balance. That means, know your limits. It can be very easy to burn yourself out if you are juggling a part-time job, social life, full-time school work, and greek life. Don’t panic! Find ways to cut out added stressors, or manage your stress in a healthy way. For example, spring semester of 2019, I was insanely stressed with grades, my job, and just everything. My boyfriend and I took a 3 day trip to west palm beach Florida, and it was such a relaxing break. Long story short, everyone needs those types of vacations, but I worked so hard all semester to earn that. I went back to school after the three-day break feeling recharged!


 5. Write Down Everything 

Everyone loves getting one of the classic cute agendas at Target, but a few weeks into the semester, you stop using it. Agendas are extremely helpful, and a lot of times writing down everything that you need to do can help you feel less overwhelmed. Color- coding is fun and easy and makes your agenda more aesthetic. Jot down when assignments are due, and also make a note of when greek life meetings are held or events are. Sometimes it is easy to forget when things are, and writing it down will help you stay organized!

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6. Plan 

One basic tip for juggling greek life is to be a planner. Always plan accordingly when you have meetings for your chapter because these are required, as is maintaining a certain attendance. In a similar sense, sororities care about you as a sister and as a student, and everyone within your chapter wants you to succeed. The meetings are held at a pretty reasonable time, (usually at night after class), and don’t last more than 1-2 hours, once a week. It’s doable if you plan ahead and accordingly.  

7. Check Your Email

I know that every professor has probably told you this on the first day of class. It’s true! Something as simple as checking your email regularly can help maintain good grades, good standing with professors, and give you simple reminders of when and where things are. Greek life is a commitment, but sometimes depending on who it is, there are reminders sent out via email about upcoming events. Checking your email is beneficial to your grades and your greek life participation because it requires no effort, you can quickly glance at it while in line for a coffee, and who knows, maybe your professor will cancel class!


8. Attendance Is Important 

This last tip applies to both greek life and academics. I know it has been told to you many times, but it is true.  “Most of life is showing up”, this common phrase actually holds some truth. Even if you arent prepared for class because you didn’t read, the professor doesn’t need to know that, pull out the book and follow along, and you still can pass with an A. Well, I hope so! Attendance is a big part of greek life as well, and it counts against you if you frequently miss meetings. Just show up!

I hope everyone enjoyed reading my article! Comment below which tip you found the most useful, and thank you for reading!

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