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Here’s How To Get Your Nails To Grow

Here’s How To Get Your Nails To Grow

When you are burdened with brittle nails, almost anything could rip your mood. Flexing that amazing winter wardrobe would be more special without having to worry about your new manicure being ruined. 

The Healthy Nail Frenzy is a guide providing you with different options for getting your nails back on the right track. 

Though, I see that many people look to solve one problem causing their brittle nails while neglecting the other problems. 


The first step in this Healthy Nail Frenzy is to evaluate the condition of your nails as well as your eating habits. 

1. Biotin

Biotin, otherwise known as Vitamin H, is a water-soluble vitamin, which allows for the vitamin to easily dissolve in water. 

A study from the Department of Dermatology at Columbia University proves that the use of a biotin supplement increases the thickness of nails. Unlike many of the vitamins you are familiar with on food labels (Vitamin A-D), Biotin does not have a Recommended Dietary Allowance; thus, it is not necessary for functioning. 


Now, where can you find biotin? 

Large amounts of Biotin are in organ meats and in lesser amounts, you can find Biotin in egg yolk, dairy products, yeast, salmon, avocado, sweet potato, nuts, seeds, and Cauliflower. 

So, put one of these in your diet and you are all set for your Biotin supplement. 


Another option is the Biotin supplement pills; though I would not recommend these as many of my peers and acquaintances have noticed that hair sprout EVERYWHERE when using these supplements. 

Here’s How To Get Your Nails To Grow

2. Hydration Goes A Long Way

 A lot of times, brittle nails are caused by dehydration. The best way to solve this is to just drink some good ‘ole H2O on a daily basis. Drinking water promotes nail growth and prevents dry cuticles. 


The next stop in the Healthy Nail Frenzy is the oils. 

While hydrating your body proves successful, having something to apply to your nails allows for a clean, polished appearance after application. You will find that many natural oils will do the trick. 

All of these oils listed below are great for moisturizing your nails. 


First and foremost is Vitamin E Oil. 

You’ve heard the tales and maybe even seen the proof. Yellow Nail Syndrome is a no-go. 

Vitamin E Oil is known for preventing yellow nail syndrome along with its moisturizing benefits which prevent cracked cuticles. 


If healthy nails are a must, then so is Vitamin E Oil. 

Jojoba oil and Castor oil provide great amounts of Vitamin E oil while also bringing along their own unique properties. 

Jojoba Oil, for instance, has antifungal properties; thus, it is commonly used to treat athlete’s foot alongside the various types of nail fungus. 


On a more technical level, Jojoba oil can repair the collagen matrix which lies under your nail beds. 

So, the shine isn’t just for the looks. 

Castor Oil is known for its antifungal, antiviral and antibacterial properties. In terms of healthy nails, castor oil will provide you with a cleaner look, fighting against the discoloration of your nails. 


Also, using this regiment for a long period of time, you will be presented with buffed nails. 

Here’s How To Get Your Nails To Grow

3. Magnesium

Remember those food labels mentioned before? Well, Magnesium is definitely up there with the other vitamins as it. 


Biotin and natural oils with provide your nails with the hydration they require in order to grow, but if your nails are weak then you’re going to be in the same boat, reading this article again. 

Magnesium is an important step in the Healthy Nail Frenzy. 

What good is new growth if it is just going to break off again? 

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Not only is Magnesium used to strengthen your nails, but it is also vital to preventing vertical ridges in your nails. This is often a sign of Magnesium deficiency. 

Magnesium is REQUIRED for protein synthesis, which makes it a must for nail growth. 


There is always the option to take Magnesium supplement, but you could always just incorporate more foods into your dietary regiment. Healthline lists these food sources as containing large amounts of magnesium. 

And it begins…

  1. Almonds
  2. Cashews
  3. Whole grains
  4. Black Beans
  5. Peanuts
  6. Quinoa 

Also note that not only are Almonds packed with Vitamin E but Selenium is also present, which serves as a nail strengthening agent. 


Here’s How To Get Your Nails To Grow

4. Everything Has Conditions

The way we treat our nails is vital to the success of growing healthy nails. 

That being said, here are a couple of things you should abandon for optimal success in the Healthy Nail Frenzy. 

  1. Biting your nails. This is a bad not only for your nail but also for your teeth.  
  2. Using your nails as a crowbar. Stop putting so much stress on your nails.
  3. Wearing nail polish for weeks with giving your nails proper time to relax. It’s like wearing a wig for two months straight.  
  4. Using cleaning products without gloves. 

Oh yeah, ditch the “gloves” that soak your hands twenty minutes after use. It’s not worth it. When your nails are constantly submerged in water, your nails swell leading to weak nail beds and chipped nails. 

Here’s How To Get Your Nails To Grow

5. Other Remedies

Soak in this, that and everything natural.


Aloe Vera is also used to restore damaged cuticles. Just soak them in pure aloe vera juice. This serves as a remedy for damaged cuticles caused by dehydration or some of the bad habits listed above as well as strengthens your nails. 

Also, I read on SteptoHealth and many other sites that onions are great for strengthening your nails. You just cut up some onions, put them in a bowl of water and let your nails soak in them for a minute. 

Though it is advised to try this one at night or on the weekends as the smell takes a while to get off. 


Overall, the BEST remedy for damaged nails is to maintain a well-balanced diet. Many of the cosmetic problems we face can be solved with a little tweak in our diet. 

So, be brave on this Healthy Nail Frenzy and tell your friends!