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Here’s How to Enhance Your Everyday Summer Makeup Routine

Here’s How to Enhance Your Everyday Summer Makeup Routine

A summer makeup routine can be hard to set. Summer is a great season for light beautiful makeup looks, but the summer heat can do unexpectedly horrible things to your makeup if you don’t know the right tips to keep it intact, even if you are wearing a simple everyday look. Here are some ways to enhance your makeup and make sure the summer heat doesn’t get in the way of you looking fabulous!


We all know the summer heat can make wearing makeup a giant pain. The feeling of having all of your hard work slowly melt off your face is never fun. To avoid all of that, try a primer! Primers are designed to keep your makeup intact and prevent your foundation from moving from where it’s supposed to be. There are plenty of primers out there to choose from, too, ones that help with tone-controlling, blemish control, oil-control, and ones that help keep your face hydrated! Give one a try this summer and see how much it helps with your makeup!

Here's How To Enhance Your Everyday Summer Makeup Routine


If you haven’t been using a setting powder during your summer makeup routine then you definitely should be to ensure there isn’t an excessive amount of grease built-up on your skin. Not only is setting powder conducive to a lasting makeup look, but you can also use it to blur those lines and pores that your foundation can cause. A light dusting over your entire face can do wonders for your summer makeup routine and make you look nearly photoshopped without even trying.

If you wanted, you can also use a setting powder to “crave” your face. Packing on powder on the sides of your nose and the sides of your cheeks and leaving it there for a few minutes before brushing it away can make your nose and cheeks appear thinner and more distinct. Give it a try this summer!

Here's How To Enhance Your Everyday Summer Makeup Routine

Liquid Highlighter

Liquid highlighter is the perfect way to enhance your summer makeup routine this year. The amount of Instagram and Youtubers I’ve seen use this product has been insane, but they’re using it for a reason: it is simple to apply, but has a big payoff. Liquid highlighter comes in a variety of colors and shines, and it’s super fun to use!

Here's How To Enhance Your Everyday Summer Makeup Routine

Waterproof Mascara

This might seem like an obvious choice to wear this summer, but some people don’t realize that waterproof mascara is essential to wear if you are going to be walking about the streets in the summer heat. A waterproof formula ensures that your mascara won’t be leaking down your face minutes after applying it.

Here's How To Enhance Your Everyday Summer Makeup Routine

Cheek Stain

This is probably my favorite product to use over the summer. Cheek stain is basically a blush but in a creamier formula. Powder blush can make your pretty little cheeks end up looking cakey on a hot summer day, and no ones likes looking cakey. If you are wanting to try this product, I would highly suggest Glossier’s “cloud paint”. It isn’t sticky or heavy on the face and blends beautifully.

Here's How To Enhance Your Everyday Summer Makeup Routine

Sunscreen Foundation

Over the summer, you need to make sure that you are taking care of your skin. Remember, it’s the largest organ in your body and the sun can do major damage to it if you don’t take the proper precautions to keep it safe. Using a foundation with sunscreen inside it will do wonders for your skin over this summer. Screen infused products are worth a shot this summer if you are wanting to make sure your skin and your body thank you in the long run.

Incorporate Bronzer

While getting a summer tan is usually a go-to summer activity, it’s not safe for the skin. If you want to be a tanned goddess this summer, try incorporating bronzer into your summer makeup routine! Bronzer is the perfect way to give yourself a completely safe tan and make you look amazing in the process. Make sure to apply it on the high points of your face where the sun is bound to hit for best results, such as your forehead, cheeks, nose, and chin. But not only is bronzer good for your face, but also your eyelids if you’re looking for a cute and easy eyeshadow look for the summer!

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Here's How To Enhance Your Everyday Summer Makeup Routine

Lip Tints And Stains

If you are a heavy lipstick wearer, try something new this summer! Lip stains and tints are super light and have a beautiful color payoff. They’re the perfect thing for an everyday summer makeup look since they don’t take much time to apply. With these types of products, you can either add a sheer layer or built it up for more color coverage.

Here's How To Enhance Your Everyday Summer Makeup Routine

Try A Face Mask!

After a long day in the summer heat, your skin is going to be congested if you don’t clean your skin properly. Incorporating a relaxing summer face mask in your everyday summer makeup routine every once and a while will do your skin wonders. Remember, protecting your skin is probably one of the most important things to consider when you’re applying your makeup. The summer heat can not only burn your skin, but make you sweat and give you breakouts, something we all would like to avoid. Giving your skin the nutrients it needs to survive this summer is essential if you want clear beautiful skin to put makeup over!

Here's How To Enhance Your Everyday Summer Makeup Routine

Sparkling Inner Corners

Adding a bit of sparkle with a highlighter to the inner corner of your eyes can be the perfect thing to add to your everyday summer makeup look if you haven’t tried it before. It’s easy, simple to execute, and makes your whole face lit up and shine!

Here's How To Enhance Your Everyday Summer Makeup Routine

Summer is an amazing season for makeup. There are so many tips and tricks to ensure your makeup looks amazing this season, even if you’ve already concreted your own makeup routine. There are always ways to enhance your makeup, and these tips will be sure to help with that! What did you think of these suggestions? Do you have any ways to enhance your own summer look? Let us know in the comments below!

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