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Here’s How Men Can Obtain Soft Dewy Skin

For years there’s been a stigma that taking care of your skin isn’t ‘manly’ or men don’t need to do it. I can tell you now this is not true! Male skin and female skin are pretty much the same which means we’re all susceptible to damage and need to look after our skin. You might think your skin is ‘normal’ but you don’t want normal, you want to stand out and be that guy with the amazingly soft, dewy skin. Follow these tips to become that guy.

Apply that sunscreen

Seriously, the sun is the most damaging factor when it comes to your skin. And no, I don’t mean only when it’s really sunny outside. Your skin can be sun-damaged even on a cloudy day as the sun’s rays can still get through. Try and wear at least a factor 15 sunscreen every day (it will literally take two minutes to apply), and on hot, sunny days wear at least factor 30 or 50 if you burn easily. Wearing sunscreen helps your skin retain its youthful appearance and we all want to keep that for as long as we can.

Cleanse, Tone & Moisturise

This may sound like a lot of effort but it will take you five minutes maximum and is beyond worth it for that dewy skin you’re looking for. Try to do these three steps at least once a day, twice if you have time! Invest in a good cleanser for your skin type. If you have oily or dry skin then buy products specifically for those skin types. Toner is not absolutely essential but if you want to go the extra mile then definitely add toner to your routine. Moisturiser is an absolute must! Weather, pollution and other factors dry your skin out so much you need to replace all that lost moisture somehow. This is especially important after you shave. Your face will be irritated and using a good men’s moisturiser will help to calm your skin and give you that dewy skin effect when you’re cleanly shaven. If you suffer from acne use a spot treatment at night. Try to find something with salicylic acid as this will make such a difference to your pimples. If the acne really won’t budge, speak to your doctor, they should be able to prescribe something a bit more powerful.


Now you don’t need to do this one every day. But every now and again it’s important to exfoliate to slough off all the dead skin. For your face, you can buy scrubs which can remove the dead skin but are also gentle enough to use on your face. If you’re on a budget you can even use sugar and water or other natural products. Just make sure you’re being gentle on your skin. For extra dewy skin, you could try using a chemical exfoliant on your face once a week. Rather than scrubbing the dead skin off these exfoliators remove it by gently stripping off the dead layers of skin to give a glowing effect.

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Don’t forget about the rest of your body

Whilst you’re probably gonna concentrate on your face as a focal point try not to forget about the rest of your body! If you’re going from having no skincare routine at all then it could take a while to get used to but it will be entirely worth it for the end results. When you shower use a loofah to make sure you scrub all the dead skin off. Try to use a shower gel or soap that are extra moisturising too to give your body that dewy skin glow. You’ll look well-groomed and mature – who could resist that?

It might take a while to get used to putting the time in for that dewy skin you want but I guarantee you will feel 100% more confident, look great on the outside and feel great on the inside. Girls love a man who takes care of his skin and they’re bound to notice the changes you’ve made.

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