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Here’s Exactly What To Wear To A Sports Event

Here’s Exactly What To Wear To A Sports Event

It’s a beautiful afternoon, the sun is shining, and a baseball game is calling your name. Or maybe the night is young and you’re about to head downtown to re-watch the Raptors school Steph Curry and the Warriors. Either way, dedicated sports fan or not, you obviously want to look cute. Whether you’re going to have some casual fun with friends or heading out on a sporty date with a fitty, I have you covered with these outfit ideas for different sporting events. With this list, you’ll be pulling off the subtle sporty-chic look in no time.

For A Summer Baseball Game:

Baseball games in the summer can get real toasty. For that reason, I suggest throwing on your favorite denim cut-offs and pairing them with a basic white T-shirt. Baseball is probably the most casual of sports events, so stick to a pair of white sneakers or comfy sandals. To show support for your team, you can wear a classic baseball cap or an unbuttoned jersey over your shirt. Top off the look with some sunglasses and voila – ultimate game day babe. Don’t forget to pack sunscreen too, sitting nine innings in the hot sun is risky business!

Here’s Exactly What To Wear To A Sports Event

For A Basketball Game:

Basketball games are a bit of a step up in terms of style, but I still like to keep my outfits chilled. Pair black jeans with a cool vintage team T-shirt and a leather jacket. Add black booties and a crossbody bag with a pop of color to complete the slightly edgy, street-style look.

Here’s Exactly What To Wear To A Sports Event

For A Chilly Football Game:

Football games later in the season are super fun and rowdy, but also freezing. The key to the chilly football game outfit is to layer up. Start with a long sleeve white shirt underneath a warm sweater or a jersey. If the temp isn’t too low, add some boyfriend jeans, a bomber jacket, and sneaks. If it is that cold, I would suggest jeans or leggings with taller boots, warm socks, and a heavier jacket. To keep warm and accessorize, wear your favorite beanie and scarf, and maybe pack some gloves in your bag just in case.

Here’s Exactly What To Wear To A Sports Event

For A Hockey Game:

Hockey game attire perfectly emulates the sporty-chic look. My signature hockey outfit includes skinny jeans, over-the-knee boots, and a long sleeve Chara jersey (RIP Bruins). I usually top it off with a cute beanie to keep the ears warm. If you don’t have a jersey, I would go with a thicker, cute turtleneck sweater as the arena is definitely chilly. Clearly Hailey Bieber has seen me at a game before, but, as they say, imitation is the highest form of flattery…

Here’s Exactly What To Wear To A Sport Event

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For A Tennis Match:

Tennis matches are more of a summery vibe, and maybe a bit on the preppier side. Wear a cute sundress with strappy sandals, trendy sunglasses, and a light-colored fedora to keep the sun off your face. Top off the look with a neutral cross-body bag and a light jacket.

Here’s Exactly What To Wear To A Sport Event

For A Horse Race:

The most extravagant of sporting events is certainly horse racing. People go all out when they’re off to the races, but hey, who doesn’t like to dress to the nines to drink, lose money, and watch horses run in a large circle? When I attended the Belmont Stakes in New York with some friends, all of the ladies looked fabulous in rompers, jumpsuits, or sundresses. Add a pair of simple wedges, cute sunglasses, a small cross-body, and, of course, a semi-ridiculous yet necessary hat of your choosing.

Here’s Exactly What To Wear To A Sport Event

Well, there you have it – the key to achieving the sporty-chic outfit dream at a sports event. Is there anything you would add to these looks? Drop a comment below!

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