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Here’s All The Movies You Should Watch Before Going Off To College

Here’s All The Movies You Should Watch Before Going Off To College

College is an interesting environment that largely differs from high school. Students are finally on their own and have a whole slew of clubs to join and plenty of opportunities to engage in fun and/or sometimes risky activities. It’s no wonder then that plenty of directors have seen universities as the perfect backdrop for movies. Well, college movies are less well known than high school ones, they still very much can offer some hilarious, thrilling, and tear-jerking stories. That’s why as a student going off to college soon, you may have wanted to check out some college movies before you move in.

Whether it’s because you want to get a better idea of what college is like (or what Hollywood producers think it’s like) or you’re simply curious about the genre, some college movies are definitely worth watching. Well we can’t promise these movies will all accurately predict what your college experience will be like, we can promise that these movies will bring you laughs, tears, and at the very least make you even more physicked about going to college. From stories of clueless college students to tomboy sorority girls, there’s a lot of fun movies to watch about college. Here’s all the movies you should watch before going off to college. 

1. Accepted

If you were rejected from a college or two during the admissions process and felt like a failure, you’ll feel a lot better after learning about the protagonist of this movie. The comedy movie follows a student who was rejected from every single college he applied to. Because his parents have been heavily pressuring him to go to college for a long time, he decides to create a fake college to go to that accepts virtually everyone. The cheesy comedy offers lots of laughs and you’ll root for the protagonist’s barely functioning but lovable college to stay. 


2. Pitch Perfect

This part comedy, part musical follows a struggling acapella group. It follows a group of hilarious and talented college ladies played by stars like Anna Kendrick and Rebel Wilson. It’s basically Bridesmaids with a college setting and some good music. With a catchy soundtrack and well-timed jokes, this movie is definitely worth a watch.


3. Legally Blonde

Considered a chick flick classic by many, this movie features a rich valley girl type sorority girl who ends up going to Harvard law. Although her cute and girly demeanor leads to her peers not taking her seriously, she ultimately proves them wrong in the end. It’s a great girl power movie with some surprisingly inspirational moments.

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4. Monsters University

The Monsters Inc. prequel features Mike and Sully going to college. The two meet due to both being Scaring majors and have very different personalities from each other. Mike is book smart, well Sully is street smart leading to the two having some conflict at first. But despite this, they eventually become roommates and learn to work together. From competing fraternities to harsh professors, the movie provides an interesting look at college with the twist that all the characters are monsters.

5. Sydney White

This college twist on the classic fairytale Snow White follows Sydney White, a tomboy who ends up being ousted from her legacy sorority. In spite of being kicked out, she finds her home with a group of quirky but friendly guys and ultimately proves that in the end you don’t need to be in a sorority or fraternity to find a good group of friends.


Are there any other movies worth watching before you go off to college? Comment below to tell us!

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