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There Was A Corgi Beach Party So Here’s 50 Pics Of Corgis To Obsess Over

There Was A Corgi Beach Party So Here’s 50 Pics Of Corgis To Obsess Over

Are you obsessed with how cute corgis are? Then read this article to see incredibly photogenic pups living their best life!

Over 150 corgis showed up for a corgi beach party in Vancouver on July 7. Now if corgi beach party sounds like three of the most beautiful words in the English language to be used in conjunction, then brace yourself to fawn over the contents of this article. If you were unable to make it out to the Vancouver event in person, then fear not because we’ve gathered 50 adorable pictures of corgis so you can get your daily dose of corgi awesomeness in one spot!

1. There was apparently a corgi race and although I have no idea how fast corgis can actually run, (I mean they have tiny legs right?) it sounds and looks like the cutest competition ever.

2. Here are some resting corgis from the event.

3. There was also a costume contest. I mean just look at how suave this corgi seems here.

4. Here are some more dressed up corgis from the Vancouver beach party!

5. Another little dressed up corgi!

6. Aw, look at these matching costumes!

7. After doing a little research, it appears that this wasn’t the first corgi beach party ever. Similar get-togethers occur in Southern California, for instance. Here are some more corgi pictures from other corgi gatherings!

8. Look at this one just chilling on the sand giving us some serious side-eye.

9. Corgi races must be a staple at these events because it looks like there’s one being prepared here.

10. How cute is this little corgi rolling in the sand??

11. Here are some pictures from a Corgi Con in San Francisco, like this excited corgi on the way to the event.

12. And here’s a super posh puppy in costume!

13. More impressive costumes!

14. Some athletic looking pups

15. This one’s just out here having a good time

16. This corgi is probably cooler than all of us, honestly.

17. Aw, this fluffy corgi looks like a little lion pup.

18. Back to the costumes with this adorable Captain America corgi!

19. Serious props for the props (haha get it) that went into this costume.

20. Another intricate costume idea!

21. Another English royalty-themed corgi pic because you can never have too many dressed-up corgi pics.

22. The fluffiest shark you’ve ever seen!

23. A literal hotdog?

24. A trio of beautiful pups ready for graduation.

25. Some corgis majestically running towards the ocean:

26. Just look at how excited and happy these corgis on the sand look!

27. Ok, now moving on to some general adorable corgi pictures to add some cuteness to your day! First off, here’s this little corgi devouring a watermelon.

28. Socks on a corgi = inarguably cute!

29. A super cozy looking pup lying in bed

30. This napping corgi looks so darn peaceful.

31. Some more napping corgis that are cuddling together.

32. Hello, this corgi is literally posing in this picture!

33. Sorry but I had to include this hilarious picture of this corgi’s swimsuit. I mean just look at how adorable this is!

34. Ahh, how snuggly does this corgi look here?

35. This is definitely one very photogenic corgi.

36. So the past few pictures have been of the same beautiful corgi, Wally, and this picture is especially relatable.

37. Another literal mood moment

38. A summery corgi chilling on the beach!

39. A seriously smart looking pup – this corgi is certainly well-dressed.

40. Are corgis known to be naturally photogenic?? They all look like models posing for the camera!

41. Look how happy this one looks!!

42. A truly hipster looking pup

43. Ah, another bowtie but this one’s a mini bowtie! So cute

44. A little fluffy corgi sitting in a quite regal manner

45. A very excited looking pup!

46. Look at this squad of corgis!

47. And just admire how calm this corgi looks in the car!

48. Just a sweet looking corgi chilling on some grass

49. Even when they’re not posing, they still look so photo-ready! Exhibit A:

50. And lastly, enjoy this gif of a corgi smiling in a field of flowers!

What is your favorite picture of a corgi? Let us know in the comments below!

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