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Here Is Why Making Coffee At Home Is Better Than Buying It

Here Is Why Making Coffee At Home Is Better Than Buying It

Coffee is a huge part of everyone’s morning. That is if you drink coffee. I am assuming since you are reading this, you are coffee’s #1 fan just like I am, but who knows? Drinking our morning coffee can be a great way to start the day, recharge our batteries, and prepare ourselves for the day ahead. Getting into the habit of frequently buying iced coffee can drain your bank account super quick. Here are a few reasons why making your coffee at home is better than buying it!

1. The Choice Is Yours

For me, I like my coffee cold, with extra ice. Each sip is pure bliss, and I hate spending almost $4 on a coffee plus tip, only to find that my cold drink is poured over 1 ice cube. First world problems, but seriously! So many of us have our own likes and dislikes about how coffee is made, light on the ice, extra ice, a splash of cream, and the list goes on. Making coffee at home is the best way to make sure it is made right!

There are a few tricks I used to do to make sure I would get my full cup of caffeine, and this is something you can only do at home. In an ice cube tray, I would pour coffee in the spots where ice would normally form. Use these ice cubes as you normally would, and that way, when your ice melts, you’ll get more coffee, instead of a watered-down taste! Try it now, thank me later.


2. Money Saver

One clear benefit to making coffee at home is the money. Depending on where you go, stocking up on coffee beans or K-cups can cost around $8, and that coffee can last you about a week or so. One coffee at Dunkin’ costs around $3.75, and while it might seem like a small amount, it really adds up. If you get a coffee every day before work or school, Monday through Friday, that’s $18.00 per week just on coffee alone. I definetly have noticed a huge difference in my own funds when I make my coffee at home. Certain retailers sell their coffee for even cheaper, at Walmart, you can make out with a box of K-cups for literally $6.

The point being, it is totally worth it to buy coffee beans and make it yourself! I have a pitcher, that I got a while back, and each morning I pour the coffee over a cup of ice. Nothing special, nothing fancy, I just like coffee and almond milk. You can customize your coffee the same way they do at the coffee shops, by buying flavored creamer, sweeteners, and flavored coffee. See, its that so bad?

3. Time Saver

Aside from saving money, you will also save time. Think about if you have to set your alarm much earlier to wake up on time to go to Dunkin’ before work. Even if it is a five-minute difference, that is five minutes that you can sleep, get ready, prepare lunch, or do anything else to prepare you for the day. Making your coffee at home takes a matter of 60 seconds or less! I personally, take one cup with me on my drive in, and I bring one cup for once I get to work. Can you tell I LOVE coffee?


When it comes to coffee shops, seriously, you may think you have enough time and then you walk in and your standing behind a huge line. No one likes being late to work, and skipping the coffee stop is one sure way to impress your boss.

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4. Possible Sugar Saver

Depending on how you like your coffee, we may be more inclined to make coffee at home if we are using less sugar. Most of the time, even if we don’t notice, coffee shops have hidden sweeteners and hidden sugars in their recipes. For example, I get almond milk in my coffee, and the almond milk used in Dunkin’ ice coffee has sugar in it, and when I use my own almond milk from home, it is unsweetened.


Not to mention, local coffee shops like Marylou’s or Dunkin Donuts have A LOT of sweet drinks, making it harder to choose the healthy option. Even if you like your coffee with a splash of cream, it is still healthier to make at home. Consider getting a caramel flavor or hazelnut flavor at the store, that way it is a brewed coffee flavor, as opposed to adding sugars and syrups. Sometimes you can recreate the same drink by what you have at home!

5. Get Creative

Like previously mentioned, you can be as picky and as creative you want when you make your coffee at home. Right now, it is just after St. Patrick’s Day, so you can make Irish cream coffee at home, go crazy with thin mint flavored coffees, customized sweetener, whipped cream on top, the possibilities are endless. Looking up coffee recipes is half the fun! Around the fall months, I would love to buy a pumpkin creamer and topping it off with whipped cream and cinnamon. Whether you like hot coffee or cold coffee, the recipes and possible creations are truly endless. I sometimes would blend a spoonful of the whipped cream into my coffee, as opposed to using milk or cream. Have fun with it! Check out Pinterest for alternative recipes and drink options for what you would normally buy at a coffee shop. After all, a person can never have too much coffee. Or can they?

Coffee is a great way to ease into the day, and many of us savor each sip. As we all like to purchase a cup of coffee out, I hope this article helps give you a few tips on why it is worthwhile to make it at home! What type of coffee is your favorite? Hot or iced? Comment below! Thank you so much, everyone, for reading!

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