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Here Are Your Biggest Turn-Ons According To Your Zodiac

Here Are Your Biggest Turn-Ons According To Your Zodiac

Here Are Your Biggest Turn-Ons According To Your Zodiac

You may be here because you don’t know what your turn-ons are or, even better, you are getting ready for that special night with that person and you want to know what turns them on based on their zodiac sign. That’s understandable. Everyone has turn-ons no matter how innocent or devilish they may be and it’s your right to know your partner’s because you want to ensure a great time for both of you. 

And if you’re here based on curiosity for that classmate or coworker, that’s acceptable as well. There’s nothing wrong with a little research. 

1. Aries

One of your biggest turn-ons is being dominant. When it comes to getting busy in the bedroom, you are in control. You are the type to push your submissive partner up against the wall letting them know who’s “daddy”. And when your submissive partner is behaving badly, oh the joy you bring when you set them straight and put them in their place. Your dominance is what makes sex pleasurable. Just be mindful of your aggressiveness, make sure you discuss boundaries with your submissive partner and listen when you hear “stop” and “no” or create a safeword. 

2. Taurus

Your pleasure comes from the journey it takes to get to the destination instead of reaching the destination. Of course, foreplay is your forte. You like gentle touches, which enhances your drive. Physical pleasures heighten everything when you are getting busy with your partner. And engaging in foreplay makes everything exciting for you in the bedroom. It’s not about climaxing for you, it’s everything that leads to the climax, which is why you like it nice and slow. 

3. Gemini 

It is said that one of Geminis’ biggest turn-ons is being kissed mid-sentence but do not do that, that’s rude (unless they are babbling on about something and not talking about their feelings). Your biggest turn-on is passion. You get turned on by someone humorous because you’re all about having a conversation that’s not necessarily deep but long and entertaining. And you start to find yourself amazed at how a humorous conversation can lead to a spark of passion. And if that passion is strong during a conversation, you can’t wait to see how strong that passion is in between the sheets. 

4. Cancer

You’re not the one-night stand type because you’re too loving and caring, one of the most caring zodiacs. Your biggest turn-ons are emotional safety and affection. Makeup sex and breakup sex are not in your vocabulary because you crave a partner that makes you feel loved and safe. You want your partner to emphasize to you that sex is not just a bedroom activity but a passionate way to express love deeply. You don’t want someone to “hit and quit”, you want someone who can promise commitment after lovemaking. Once they show you that they can commit to you, you are more than happy to give them the time of their lives.  

5. Leo

Think of your performance in the bedroom like making an ice cream sundae. You turn vanilla ice cream into the best darn sundae in the world because you are not afraid to explore ways to transform plain and ordinary to unique and unexpected. While you are romantic, you are not afraid to add more creativity and fun in between the sheets. You get turned on when you explore ways to bring magic into the bedroom not just for yourself, but for your partner. You’re the type to get turned on by hickeys and any marks that indicate you had a heck of a good time whether it’s giving them or getting them, which makes you the best bed rocker. 

Here Are Your Biggest Turn-Ons According To Your Zodiac

6. Virgo

Hello, freak in the sheets! Your partner needs to watch out for you because you are all about passion, heat, and mess. Your biggest turn-ons are being straightforward and honest. Just like how you make it known to the other person that you want to get busy, your partner needs to let you know how badly they want you to rock their world. In other words, you have to up your dirty talk game. You and your partner are bound to get wild in the bed, probably to the point where you start growling at each other. 

7. Libra

You don’t hesitate to give back during sex because you are a boss when it comes to pleasing. That’s probably why you are great when it comes to partnership and relationships. Not only do you expect your partner and you to connect emotionally, connecting sexually is a major part for you. This is why neck and ear kisses are your biggest turn-ons because they are intimate and lead to something more. 

8. Scorpio

Your biggest turn-ons are surprises in the bedroom. You are all about connecting physically and emotionally when it comes to sex and that connection brings unexpected fireworks when you and your partner engage in sexual activities meaning you may do stuff in the bedroom that you never thought you would do. But it’s all about the trust you and your partner need to have. 

Here Are Your Biggest Turn-Ons According To Your Zodiac

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9. Sagittarius

You are the definition of unpredictability. That’s why your biggest turn-ons are PDA and other unanticipated forms of affection. You don’t do monotone which is why you have free spirit when it comes to sex. Your sex life is interesting because you explore way to spice things up in the bedroom. 

10. Capricorn

You and your partner are the ones at dinner laughing with yourselves because you both are playing the touching game under the table, which is one big turn on. To get you going, all it takes is the slightest touch. And when dinner’s over and it’s time to return home, things are already fired up and it’s a great possibility that the clothes would be off at the front door. You are a very sexual sign and the best part is that it doesn’t need to be too wild. Sex to you is like taking your shoes off at the front door. 

11. Aquarius

You are one to watch out for because you do not like to be tied down. Your biggest turn-ons are public sex and openness. You are not afraid to demonstrate to your partner that you are hot and bothered. But if your partner is not on the same level as you, you are also not afraid to walk away. You need your freedom, which is why you are a tiger in the bedroom. Chains and whips excite you! You like to be open to ideas on spicing things up in between the sheets. No wonder why you’re a fireball!

Here Are Your Biggest Turn-Ons According To Your Zodiac

12. Pisces

Remember that part in 50 Shades Of Grey where Anastasia gets Christian to agree with the idea of occasionally going on a date? That’s you. Although sex is fun for you, your biggest turn-ons are what set the mood like candles, roses, etc. To you, it’s not fair for your partner to get their physical needs when your needs have to be met. And although sometimes you neglect your own needs, you have no trouble being a naughty submissive. 

Everyone has turn-ons and it is alright to embrace them. Share with your partner or friend and comment on your thoughts about yours or your partner’s turn-ons based on their zodiac. 

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