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Here Are The Reasons Why You Should Definitely Cut Your Hair

Here Are The Reasons Why You Should Definitely Cut Your Hair

Going through a major change in your life can almost only be dealt with by two things: getting drunk and doing something drastic to your hair. This can range between getting your hair cut, restyled, dying your hair, wearing a wig, getting extensions, the list of changes you can make to your locks is endless. However, you do not need to go through a life experience to change your hair. You could just be bored or fancy trying out a new look. Either way, you should cut your hair. Chuck yourself in the deep end and rock your new look. And if you need a little justification as to why you should cut your hair, here are the reasons.

1. Healthy, Happy Hair

Although your hair may be in the best condition now, the heat protector spray can only go so far. Most girls will dry their hair with a hairdryer, straighten it, curl it, use elastic to tie it up. All this can cause damage to your hair. When you get your hair cut it gets rid of all the nasty split ends and when you run your fingers through it… wow! There is not much softer.

Even if you just get a trim, your hair will thank you for it. Also, hairdressers say that regular cuts will help your hair to grow and will help the condition it is in too, so if that isn’t a reason to get your hair cut, I don’t know what is! Even if you do have a drastic change and get 30cm cut off, hair grows! With the right hair vitamins and the right hair care regime, you will have your long locks back in no time. So, take the plunge. Cut your hair!

Here Are The Reasons Why You Should Definitely Cut Your Hair

2. You Will Be Rocking A New Look

If you are searching for a new look and can’t figure out what you can do to be different, having a hair cut is an answer. Almost everyone will notice the length of your hair as it is one thing that you see every day. Short hair is trendy nowadays and you will learn to style it in a way that suits you and your personal look. If you are scared about missing your long hair or are worried it won’t suit you, then invest in some hair extensions (they don’t have to be expensive) or treat your hair with some love and kindness and wait patiently for it to grow. The Instagram picture you upload with your new hair will make you feel like a new woman and will inspire so many other girls to cut their hair too! You never know what might come out of a woman with a new haircut. Beware!

Here Are The Reasons Why You Should Definitely Cut Your Hair

3. You’ll Be In With The Fashion Trends

Having short hair or cutting your hair off is a really fashionable thing to do at the moment. For the colder months through autumn and winter, there is nothing cuter than a short wavy hairdo and a pretty woolly hat. If you are the type of girl who follows the latest trends, then getting your hair cut is surely a great one to follow. You can range from a long bob to a pixie cut—whatever you think will suit you best, and whatever you have the courage to do. Girls will always support other girls and you might even have given someone the push of encouragement they needed to cut their hair, too! Take the chop and be the fashionista you are, all the way from your clothes and accessories to your hair.

Here Are The Reasons Why You Should Definitely Cut Your Hair

4. Short Hair Looks More Professional

Shorter hair makes your face look more defined and it will be a lot tidier than longer hair and therefore, will make you look more professional. You may not be able to put it up high as easily, but that is nothing a good hairspray and a load of bobby pins won’t fix. You will look more grown up with shorter hair and it will look a lot tidier and enhance your appearance. Not to say that long hair does not look nice, of course, but this is why you should take the chop!

It is also a lot more manageable than long hair and you can learn some really cool and fun things to do with short hair. Watch a few YouTube tutorials and find out ways that you can style your hair and look appropriate for work and trendy all at once. It will give you a new lease of life that you didn’t know you needed until now. You’ll look super cute and professional enough for work/uni, what more do you want.

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Here Are The Reasons Why You Should Definitely Cut Your Hair

5. Short Hair Stands Out

Although short hair is really trendy right now, a lot of young girls will still have long hair, so having short hair will make you really stand out! You can cut your hair little by little if you aren’t quite ready to launch yourself into the deep end yet. You may even begin to rethink long hair completely and get completely stuck in the short hair category.

There are tons of styles out there, any one of which you can make your own. You will get so much inspiration from looking at people that have short hair that the temptation to chop your hair off will probably grow even stronger. You will want to chop off more and more once you go short. Once you take the chop you never go back. And if you do hate it it is not the end of the world because hair grows and nothing is permanent. So, why not go under the scissors?

Here Are The Reasons Why You Should Definitely Cut Your Hair

Have you recently cut your hair? Comment below what made you take the chop and inspire other girls to cut their hair short too. Share with someone who is stuck in the debate of long hair or short hair to inspire them to get their locks under the scissors and rock their new look!

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