Here Are Some Great Organisation Techniques For Your Bedroom

Every now and then, our bedrooms can get a little messy. Okay, maybe very messy. But that’s not your fault. Sometimes your room can get tired and boring and you can feel uninspired from it. And with all the current trends of keeping things neat, minimalistic and tidy, these organisation techniques are sure to inspire you and your bedroom!

1. The Closet Cleanse

Before you can start organising anything in your bedroom, it’s time to a well overdue wardrobe cleanse. Go through everything in all of your closets, drawers etc and throw out anything you haven’t worn in over a year. It’s time to be as ruthless as you can be! If you didn’t wear it last year, there’s a strong likelihood you won’t wear it this year. So donate and distribute! Trust me, you’ll feel ten times lighter after doing this cleanse.

2. Rollaway Boxes For Under Your Bed

These involve a little DIY on your part if you can’t find rolling boxes. Go out and buy some boxes that will fit under your bed, allowing some room between your mattress and your floor to fix some wheels on the bottom of the boxes. These boxes  are a great way to store away your shoes, belts, scarves, beanies or anything your heart desires!

storage under the bed

3. Use Decorative Hanging Hooks

These can be a great way to maximise floor space and keep your bags hanging neat and tidy. However, the way you use them is entirely up to you! You can use them to hang up coats or even small framed artworks. If you want an authentic or antique look, head out to your local second-hand opportunity shop or antique market and scout for a cute hook! This hanging hook idea will not only help you to add some organisation to your room, but will also be a great way to find your coats on your way out of the house.

decorative hanging hooks

4. Colour coordinate, colour coordinate!

This is one of my personal favourite ways to stay on track with organisation. When all your clothes and personal items are in a beautiful colour gradient, you develop a desire to ensure it stays that way. So, start by reorganising your drawers and sorting them back into your drawers by your colour coordination of choice. From here you can turn to your hangers, your shoes, your scarves, anything. Colour coordinating your closet like this will help you feel organised, and make your space feel Insta-shot-worthy.

colour coordinated clothing space

5. Hanging Laundry Hamper

If you’re someone who can’t help but leave dirty laundry all over your bedroom floor and bed, this idea will help boost your organisation habits. By incorporating a hanging laundry hamper on your wall, you can maximise your floor space and keep your bed item-free. This will ensure you can go straight to bed after a long day! Among many, here is a DIY laundry hamper from Emmyloubeedoo can be hung over the backside of your door or on your wall, keeping your room tidy and organised.

diy laundry hamper

6. Organise your vanity

If you have a vanity, or if you don’t, think about whether you need to put one in your room. This is a great way to organise jewellery, hair accessories, perfume, makeup etc. Antique dishes and plates and miniature chests of drawers, clear containers for makeup brushes can help organise your belongings in an attractive manner. This technique will help reorganise your belongings and items in a way that ensures you know where all your items are.

organised vanity

No matter what state your room is in, it never hurts to start reset and try out some new organisation techniques that may maximise your space. These ideas will help you declutter and distribute items you may no longer need or want in your life. Did you try any of these ideas? If you did, let us know in the comments!

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