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Here Are Our Favorite Looks From Anthropologie’s 2019 Holiday Decor Collection

Here are some of the latest Anthropologie Holiday Decor for this year. They have plenty of decoration for even those that do not celebrate Christmas. All of their pieces are unique and creative while seeing being different to accommodate varying home decor styles. If you are still interested in seeing some of these enchanting holiday decor items, then just keep scrolling. 

Spruce Tree Decorative Object

Here is a beautifully decorated piece of a tree. This would look great on your tabletop, or on some flat surface to take up some space with some holiday cheer. They come in two separate sizes to accommodate whatever space you need. This holiday décor piece could win over any crowd.

Countdown To Christmas Advent Calendar

Remember all the anticipation and excitement that comes with looking forward to Christmas? Well, now you can have a physical representation of that feeling with this advent calendar. There are treats and little knick-knacks inside of each window. You can open one window each day to reveal your little gift while also counting down the days until Christmas. 

North Pole Faux Fur Stocking

Why use a regular, boring stocking when Anthropologie has these! This faux fur stocking is so, and you can fill them all kinds of treats and treasures to be enjoyed on Christmas day. This stocking will be perfect to add some flair and sophistication below any chimney. 

Merry Christmas Garland

This garland is the perfect holiday decor piece for any occasion. The garland would look great as a decoration for any Christmas party, and it would be a great way to spread some holiday cheer with all of its shimmery glory. 

Ernie and Irene Llama Stocking

Who doesn’t love llamas? This adorable stocking is creative and full of charisma. It would great for those you love to add texture to their home decor. 

Floral Monogram Ornament

Gold ornaments are gorgeous and should be ever holiday decorations. The color and design of these ornaments scream elegance. These are also available with every letter in the alphabet, so they could be great to spell something out on be placed on your wall.

Whimsical Nutcracker King

This charming little would look great to add to anyone’s decoration for the holidays. The colors of his attire are fun but mild enough to be added to almost anyone’s place. It would look great added on top of the fireplace or an end table in the living room. 

LED Orb Light String

These lights could add a great otherworldly charm to your space. They are slightly different from other string lights, because of their shape and how they are placed on the string. The lights would look beautiful draped over the fireplace or dangling on around the walls. 

Eye Heart You Ornament

This cute and crafty ornament would be a great gift to someone. The beautiful beading makes it very unique and stands out against traditional Christmas ornaments. This would be a good gift for any special someone. 

Multicolor Pom Ornaments

The lively and rich colors of these ornaments really help them stand out. They also come in a set of 3.  It would be great to add to any fun and creative Christmas tree for the holiday season. 

Reindeer Stocking Holder

Stocking holders are something that not many people add to their Christmas decor. This is the type of decoration that you definitely would not want to miss out on. The stocking holder is made from cast iron and will add that extra oomph to make your fireplace stand out.

Mistletoe Sloth Ornament

Everybody loved sloths. Even if you say you don’t, then you are just lying to yourself. This cute and cuddly ornament can add extra flavor that most ornament cannot provide. This little guy could add holiday cheer to anybody’s home. 

See Also

Alice Mary Lynch Snow Queen Lioness Ornament

This ornament will be the belle of the ball amongst your other ornaments. The sparkly sequins and tulle say it all. This would be really cute to add to decor that’s already ultra-feminine and girly. 

Wooden Cabin Stocking Holder

This stocking holder can add the most perfect and homy touch to one’s fireplace. The cozy and rustic design will be sure to make it a show stopper. The warm color scheme on the stocking holder means that it would look inviting underneath warm-colored stocking, like red, brown, beige, etc.

North Star Stocking Holder

If you want a stocking holder, that is less bold and has an elegant finish then you will love this ornament. The glistening star would be a great addition to anyone’s fireplace. This would be great for anyone whose decor is a bit subtle and subed and needs a bit more glamour. 

Illuminated Capiz Star Tree Topper

This amazing tree topper has all the glitz and glamour a person could want. The golden hues and capiz material add the perfect touch to any Christmas tree. This would contrast really great with a traditional green Christmas tree.

Woodland Creature Vase

This are probably the cutest anybody could ever own. Hands down. They are sold separately and would be the perfect centerpiece to any holiday table. Your little woodland creatures can look cute on your tabletop while also holding any floral arrangement you decide would be best.

Nostalgic Mini Ornaments

Do these ornaments not scream Christmas?  These little cuties come in a set of 20.  They range in all kinds of colors, designs, and shapes. They are perfect to display anyone who is into out of the box decor for the Christmas season. This would also look great on a white Christmas or one Christmas decorated to look like they have snow on them. 

Cozy Penguin Ornament

This cute little plushie penguin would pair great with almost any holiday decor. The added wintery details on it’s clothing add a nice homey touch.

Which piece is your favorite? How would you decorate and add some of these pieces to your home?

Featured Image Sourced from Anthropologie Website in the Holiday Decor section
Latee Wilburn

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