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Here Are All Of The Best Sex Tips For How To Spice It Up In Bed

Here Are All Of The Best Sex Tips For How To Spice It Up In Bed

Looking for sex tips? You’ve come to the right place. Sex is a part of every healthy relationship and is a normal and healthy part of life. On the other hand, everyone likes to spice it up with their partner every now and again. Plus, even if you want some tips for a one night stand, that’s fine too! No judgment here, everyone likes to work hard and play harder. Wink- Wink.

Here Are All Of The Best Sex Tips For How To Spice It Up In Bed

1. Lip Biting

The first tip I have to help spice it up in bed is to try lip biting. It’s ok if this isn’t your cup of tea or first choice, but trust me, it works. For many guys and gals, lip biting is a turn on, and in some cases, even a fetish. Drive your lust and passion with a gentle but playful bite on his or her bottom lip.

Here Are All Of The Best Sex Tips For How To Spice It Up In Bed

2. Stay Silent

Ok, this is probably one the easiest way to exacerbate the intense feelings during or before sex. While you and your partner are performing foreplay, stay silent. While he is pleasuring you, stay silent, as this will make the act even sexier. “If you make a sound, I’ll stop” he’ll whisper, growing the scene more intense and attractive. Trust him and keep your moans and groans to yourself, you’ll thank me later. What’s the worst that can happen?

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3. Switch Up The Room

While this may sound obvious, one of the best ways to keep a sex life glowing and exiting is by changing where the two of you sleep together. Ever wondered why the scenery of a hotel is so enticing for a couple? For two reasons: one, they are completely alone without interruption. Two, it’s a change of the room or building that they are so used to being in. There’s nothing wrong with his or her bedroom or house but after a while, it’s healthy to take a break and go for a little getaway. There’s something about a night in a hotel room for couples that is so extremely relaxing!

Here Are All Of The Best Sex Tips For How To Spice It Up In Bed

4. Ear Biting

Similar vibes to lip biting, there’s something so sexy and enticing about the gentle pull on the ear. If he’s anything like my boyfriend, he loves his ear touched, kissed, or gently bit. I know it sounds odd, but this simple act during sex or foreplay is a huge turn on and game-changer.

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5. Get Wet

Another simple way to add some steam to your sex life, (pun intended), is by getting in the shower together. The hot, wet, and steamy aroma sets the scene for an incredibly sexy romance. The next time he or she is in the shower, surprise them by jumping in too!

Here Are All Of The Best Sex Tips For How To Spice It Up In Bed

6. Don’t Stay In The Same Place For Too Long

Another fun and easy way to keep your sex life lively are to frequently change your sex positions. It can become so comfortable to keep repeating the same positions over and over. There’s nothing wrong with that, but changing it up can’t hurt! Try positions like doggy style, reverse-cowgirl, or have him bend you over the bed.

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7. Talk Is Cheap

This may be cliche and expected, but talk dirty. This tip isn’t going anywhere, and the benefits of talking dirty are endless. Talking dirty helps to arouse your partner before the sexual activity even begins. It’s worth a shot, trust me!

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8. Hair Pulling

Another simple way to spice up the bedroom is by hair pulling. While this may seem overdone and irrelevant, there really is some added excitement with this. The next time you and your partner have sex doggy style, have him pull your hair while your face down. Just a gentle pull, and you’ll find it helps with your back arch.

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9. Find Out Your Sweet Spot

This tip is very important. Find out specifically what you like or enjoy, and have your partner practice it on you. Maybe you like being entered from behind, or maybe having him play with you is what you enjoy. Feeling safe and content with your partner is key, and having him pleasure you to your liking is just as important.

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10. Lick

Ok, this may seem crazy, but hear me out. Try to spice it up in the bedroom by adding fruit. Have him eat raspberries down your stomach, or feed each other grapes. This enticing act builds trust, and hey, it is still very sexy!

Here Are All Of The Best Sex Tips For How To Spice It Up In Bed

11. Keep Kissing

Kissing is one of the best ways to keep vibrant sex lives. Kissing builds intimacy and creates a bond between the two partners. In other words, you can never get enough kisses. Show your love and affection for him by kissing up his neck, all over his chest, and cheeks. Who said hickeys were out of style?

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12. I Could Use A Hand…

Ah, lubricant. Using lube during sex is probably the best, and many couples forget it’s there. Lubricant naturally helps him slip right in and keeps things wet. Don’t be afraid to use it! Plus, you can find it at any drug store for 15 dollars or less.

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13. Make It Just Two

Another way to spice it up in the bedroom is to make sure it is just the two of you in the house. Being home alone or separate from any distraction, heightens intimacy and adds to the intensity of the moment. Lock the door, or even put on some white noise to drown out feeling distracted.

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14. Light It Up

One of the sexiest ways to spice up the moment is by adding candles. Of course, sex is fun, but you gotta set the scene, first! Spread a few candles throughout his room, and watch the scent fill the air. Not only is this adding a sexy vibe, but it gives the room a sweet scent.

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Now that you have all the tips to spice up your sex life, which one is your favorite? Comment below! Thank you for reading and I hope everyone enjoyed my article!

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