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10 Helpful Tips On How To Manscape

10 Helpful Tips On How To Manscape

Grab your shaving cream and razor and get ready for some manscaping. Here are the 10 most helpful tips on how to manscape!

Let’s start with the fact that every article you read on manscaping tells you that you need multiple tools, different level clippers, and tons of lotion; it’s complete nonsense. You truly only need a razor and some shaving cream. Having a nice shaved body will make you feel good and if you have a partner, I’m sure they’ll appreciate it to. Unless they’re into that caveman look. Here are 10 helpful tips on how to manscape!

10 Helpful Tips On How To Manscape

1. Prep by trimming down the hairs

It’s important that if it’s your first time shaving or you let your hair grow out, that you trim it down before you start hacking away at it with your razor. Take a regular pair of scissors, sterilize them with alcohol or make sure they’re cleaned off with soap and water, and trim the hairs down. You don’t want to cut the hair all the way down to the root, but just far enough down that it isn’t a long strand.

2. Get in a warm/hot shower

Warm/hot showers help to exfoliate your skin and makes it a lot smoother of a shave!


3. Use a gel or cream

Lather on the gel or cream a minute before you’re going to shave so that your skin has time to absorb it. There are tons of shaving creams that are combined with lotion that will leave your skin feeling really soft. But, a regular shaving cream will work just as well!

10 Helpful Tips On How To Manscape

4. Shave in the same direction your hairs grow in

When you start to shave, you want to look at your hairs and see what direction they are going in. Make sure that you are shaving in that same direction and not against your hairs. This will save your from a lot of bumps and ingrown hairs.


5. Hold the skin tight

When you are shaving an area, make sure that you are holding the skin back as you shave.

6. Moisturize the skin after you’re done

When you hop out of the shower, make sure that you use a lotion or coconut oil to smooth over your freshly shaved areas. This will help to prevent any bumps!

7.  Take caution with your balls

If you have decided that you want to shave your balls, you need to be extra cautious. The skin on your balls is extremely thin and is more susceptible to getting cut. Any cuts can lead to infections and you want to avoid that at all costs. When you got to shave, make sure that you are pulling the area tightly so that you have a smooth area to shave. Go as slowly as possible and use a lot of cream.


8. Don’t leave out the back end

A lot of men tend to leave their anal areas unshaved. If you’re going to shave your genital areas, you might as well finish the job. Put your leg up on the side of the time, use plenty of cream, and follow the same procedures as you would shaving anywhere else. It’s usually a lot quicker shaving that area than anywhere else.

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10 Helpful Tips On How To Manscape



Ok, so no one likes to see your armpit hair crawling out of the sides of your shirt. It doesn’t take much to use a pair of scissors and trim your hair down to the length of choice!

10. If push comes to shove, go for waxing

If all of this sounds like too much for you, waxing is always an option. Whether you go to a salon or do it yourself, waxing will make your shave more even, safer, and it will last a lot longer.

Do you have any other tips for manscaping?! Share in the comments below!

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