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10 Helpful Tips On How To Manage Your Time Better In College

10 Helpful Tips On How To Manage Your Time Better In College

If you're wondering how to manage your time better whether it be due to work, school, bills, or just life in general, these are the ways to do it! Don't waste your energy on tasks you don't need as these time management tips will help!

Time management and productivity is very important in college. It is very easy to push things off, but you will regret it in the end. Having to cram a bunch of assignments in last minute is not fun. Here are 10 tips how to manage your time better and be productive!

1. Avoid Your Bed

Your bed in college is your safe haven. Some people can get stuff done in their bed or room, but if you are a person that likes to take naps, then stay away from it. There are many places around campus to do your work that aren’t in your room. There is the library, academic forum, student union building, and many other places. You will see students all around campus doing work where ever they can find a place.

This is how to manage your time better in college!

2. Plan Your Classes to Your Liking

The first semester is a great trial and error period to see what times you like having classes. You will experience different schedules then other people. There are many options to schedule classes. You could have a couple classes a day, you can take online classes, you could have all your classes back to back, or even have gaps in between. It is also a great way to see what time you want to start classes. You are paying for your education, so it is very important to make sure that if you aren’t a morning person, they start your day off later.

3. Do Classwork on the Days You Have That Class

After you attend your MWF classes, do any assignments for the next class that day, and do the same for Tuesday and Thursday classes. This way you don’t push off doing your assignments until the night before.

This is how to manage your time better in college!

4. Keep a Planner

Having a planner in college is key. Keep all of the dates from your syllabi in the monthly page of your planner. Then each week go through and write any assignments or exams in the weekly layout. Rewriting your assignments will help you not forget about them.

This is how to manage your time better in college!

5. Saying No

When wondering how to manage your time better, it’s important to keep in mind that school is your number one priority. Therefore, sometimes you have to say no to opportunities if you know that you have schoolwork. You may not want to, but everyone should understand it because they are all in the same boat.

6. Prioritize Assignments

Do the most important assignments first. It is good to work ahead, but you have to make sure that you are getting the things done first that need to be. Points are very valuable. Homework or participation points may not be worth that much, but each point counts.

This is how to manage your time better in college!

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7. Make A List

If you have a lot to do one day, make a list. It feels great to get to cross things off a list when you finish it. It will lay everything out that you need to do. You could put the list in many different orders. You could put the most important at the top, or even the easiest.

8. Take Advantage of Productivity Spurts

Getting random spurts of energy and productivity will happen to you. They happen once and awhile, but when you get them you have to take advantage. This is one of the best tips on how to manage your time better!

9. Budget Your Time

Make sure you give yourself enough time to get assignments done. Don’t procrastinate. If you are a morning person, get up early and start your day off productive. If you aren’t a morning person, schedule your classes later and maybe stay at the library while. There is a lot of free time in college, especially at night. So, if you know there is somewhere you want to go to at night, give yourself enough time to get any work done.

This is how to manage your time better in college!

10. Be Organized

Nothing is worse than being disorganized and missing stuff in class. Don’t mix folders for different classes. Make sure you label things for certain classes. Instead of rushing in the morning to make sure you have your stuff for class, do it the night before. It is easy to forget things for class if you are running late.

Are these tips on how to manage your time better in college useful? Let us know in the comment section below!

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