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Helpful Tips For How To Meet New People In College

The most helpful tips for how to meet new people in college start with how to feel about yourself, present yourself to others, and how to approach positive, unique, and truly compatible relationships with others around you or you might be interested in knowing better. These helpful tips will help you learn more about yourself and others and put yourself out there in the best ways. This knowledge can also be well applied to other situations in life and work!

Positive Self

The first helpful tip for success in meeting new people is to learn how to have and truly feel self positivity for yourself. Positivity toward yourself will not only make you a happier person yourself but also spread that positivity outward toward your environments and other surrounding people you know and could meet. Waking up and looking at yourself in the mirror each day, express mental love for yourself. Journal your thoughts and feelings, evaluate them, and make them matter to you, for you.

Learning to love yourself will make you a more positive self and this positivity will always be greatly attractive to others. People gravitate toward positive people and underneath that, you will always be happier in life yourself pursuing, encouraging, and immersing yourself in positivity. Go out with a smile or find one along your day and really mean it or find reasons to mean it. Express and radiate this positivity toward others and present an open, welcoming, and interesting personality and perspective toward others.

New Environments

When you go about a set routine, that often leans toward becoming more and more set, you don’t open yourself up to new environments, perspectives, interests, or people. Worse yet, you shut them out and deny yourself of them and their benefits. A helpful tip for how to meet new people is to always pursue new possibilities and interests. A great mindset that you may find useful is to always be mentally open to new things because you never know what you like or dislike until you’ve tried it. Once you give something a chance, you may be surprised.

New environments and opportunities also open you up to some really great growth as a person. This can also lead to a more diverse, interesting, and confident person in yourself toward others. More interests and ideas will also lean toward always meeting and growing toward new people! Try new hobby ideas and go to new stores, new restaurants with new food you’ve never tried. Often this can also be helpful in meeting people with similar openness and also interests. Don’t be afraid to bond with other people you may be experiencing newness with, even when just meeting there.


Boost your attractiveness to others in your relationships or prospective relationships by not only radiating positivity and interest, but also confidence toward yourself and your environments. Walk tall and look straightforward when you walk and go about your day. Shake hands with confidence and/or meet others with a confident smile and interesting conversation and questions. Seek every opportunity to put yourself out there. 

Confidence and positivity are daily work that often does not and will not come as easily and naturally, but will more so with time, practice, and diligence. Pursue positive conversation and/or open dialogue when you speak, inviting and allowing other ideas and perspectives. Look others directly in the eye, confidently but not aggressively, simply with openness. Be confident enough to share your ideas positively, give positive feedback, and encourage strangers and peers around you with your behavior and dialogue. Show care and consideration with confidence!

Popular Environments

Finding and frequenting the popular environments and places in your city or town can also be a really helpful tip for meeting new people as a college student. On social media, often on campus, or around the city or town you will find posting and advertisements for popular events, openings, and exhibits to go to. The ones closer to campus will especially be advertised to other college students like you and are thus really likely to be successful openings into meeting new people in college.

Find the most popular coffee joints if you like coffee, the most popular pizza places, or vegan restaurants. Learn some of the best places to read a book or grab breakfast. What are the parks and nature areas or dance clubs people like? More discovery on your diversified interests can also aid in this helpful tip to meet new people as the more specified places you are interested in or encourage your interests will also have other similar-minded people. From there just simply provide a confident, encouraging introduction, and observations on environments and interests.

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Other Positivity

Equally important to self positivity and its mental and health benefits to you, other positivity should also be valued and pursued. Attract others by your interest and your positivity toward them. Encourage their sharing and confiding in you. Show confidence in sharing your own thoughts, background, memories, and experiences as well as encouraging, asking about, and encouraging conversation from them about their own. When they need feedback or encouragement, be the person they go to. Let them know and reiterate yourself as a helping hand.

Giving advice and honest, but also positive, feedback can go a long way toward having meaningful, lasting relationships. Being this kind of friend can also encourage and promote you have that kind of friend and support back from them. Show support and help and you are likely to receive it. To have friends you have to be a friend, and really mean it. Then you will have meaningful friends.

Compatible Interests

Along with finding people of similar interests at the places you are interested in, including restaurants, outdoor areas, events, or activity places, a helpful tip to meet new people in college is to look in the college itself. Take some unique classes you might be interested in. Tips like this are great for providing you with new hobbies as well as prospective new friends and relationships. 

Don’t be too focused on pushing through the career-focused classes that you forget to have fun and look up from the books. Take some unrelated classes and pursue conversations, hobbies, and after-school outings based on, before, or after them. Don’t discount the people in your major and career classes as well. You chose this career hopefully for the passion you have for it and its topics so the people in these classes will also share these passions and that’s already a big area of commonality. Think of unique outings to take the conversations outside!

To meet new people in college, be positive, confident, and stay open to new interests and environments! Let us know in the comments what you thought of these helpful tips today.

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