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Helpful Stress Relieving Accessories For Anxious Babes

Anxiety can be a beast to manage, especially during incredibly stressful or difficult times. For anyone who deals with chronic anxiety, you know the struggle of having scratched and scraped fingers and fingernails bit and cut down to the nub. For young children, fidget spinners proved to be a great way to manage anxiety and attention problems during day-t0-day activities, but what can adults who don’t want to carry spinners use to keep themselves from tearing away the skin on their thumbs? Here is our list of the best stress relieving accessories out there to help manage and calm some of the most stressful and anxious moments.

1. Anxiety Sliding Beads Ring

Anyone who spends as much time on TikTok as I do has seen these stress relieving accessories. My For You page is constantly bombarded by ads showing how easy these rings are to use and how much they can help with anxiety and stress. The design is incredibly simple – it’s just a silver band with small silver balls that can be turned and shifted around. They’re great for relieving restless habits – instead of picking your nails, you can sit and push the small balls around the band.

Plus, the ring is super subtle–most people may not even realize it’s an anxiety and stress relieving ring. If you’re not a fan of the silver band, I’ve seen a lot of different options on Amazon and Etsy that allow for personalization of color, or you can choose colorful plastic beads over silver ones. It’s entirely up to you, and no matter what style you pick, you’re sure to find a ring that suits both your aesthetic and your habits.

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2. Mindful Breathing Necklace

For those looking for stress relieving accessories that help bring calm into the eye of the anxious storm, these mindful breathing necklaces are the ones for you. The necklace features below are made from bamboo, but you can also find them in colorful silver options. This necklace is cute, useful, and sustainable, making it both good for you and good for the planet!

Straw breathing can greatly reduce the feelings of anxiety and panic many people experience, replacing them with feelings of calm and relaxation. During you’re most stressful moments, you can take 5 minutes and your bamboo straw necklace to sit and calm your breathing, breathing in through your nose and gently out through your mouth and into the straw. This technique has been proven to help many people regain their calm breathing during their panic-filled moments.

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3. Chew Chew Sensory Necklace

For those who, like me, tend to chew when they’re anxious, these stress relieving accessories are the one for you. Instead of chewing on your hair, your nails, or your necklace, these chewy, sensory necklaces are safe and fashionably cute. Made from high-grade silicone, these sensory necklaces encourage both children and adults to quit sucking their thumbs, biting their nails, or chewing on the inside of their mouths.

Plus, they come in multiple muted, calming colors that will look great with any outfit! While the ones featured below are advertised for children, there are many other, similar options advertised directly for adults and work just as well (although these are so cute, no one would even realize they were meant for kids).

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4. Moon And Stars Spinner Ring

For anyone looking for stress relieving accessories and anxiety rings but may not want the beaded option, spinner rings are the best option for you. Spinner rings work by having multiple moving layers that can be twisted and turned around your finger. They are quite literally designed to be fiddled with and are a more subtle way of moving your hands when you feel like you can’t sit still or when you feel the urge to pick at your fingers.

There are so many different options and designs available for cute spinner rings, and Etsy is a great place to look and find the one made for you. Want more spinning layers? They’ve got them. Want a moving bee to spin around your band? It’s cute and available. Want Irish knots or chain decals or more moons and stars? Yep, those are there, too. The ring design is cute and subtle but will keep you from continuing to tear up your thumbnails while you’re wearing it.

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5. Fidget Spinner Necklace

For those looking for fidget necklaces and stress relieving accessories that will look cute and classy, but still function to relieve stress and panic, these fidget spinner necklaces are the way to go. When you’re feeling stressed and anxious, fidget spinner necklaces work to calm you and keep you grounded, helping you to reclaim a sense of calm inside your mind. The necklace pictured below is stainless steel, making it hypoallergenic and almost impossible to tarnish.

The necklace is also offered in multiple lengths, so you can choose whether you want a cute, short piece, or a longer chain that you can fidget with easier without drawing notice to yourself.

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6. Fidget Wire Bracelet

I had never heard of fidget wire bracelets until I started looking into stress relieving accessories for myself, but these are so cool that I definitely want to buy one for myself. Not only are these bracelets cute and stylish while worn, but the thin wire and colorful beads work to keep your mind and hands calm during your most stressful days. You can wear them, twist them, pull or fidget with them, and these thin gold wire and mandala designs aim to encourage relaxation and calm while you are mesmerized by them.

Like many of the other accessories, these bracelets are also offered in different colors and designs, and they are both beautiful and discreet, making them the perfect daily-wear stress-relief tool.

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7.  Anxiety Relief Crystal Bracelet

Some people look to choose fidget jewelry as a form of stress relief, while others turn to the healing abilities of stones, gems, and crystals. For those looking for stress relieving accessories that contain healing gemstones, these anxiety relief bracelets are cute and spiritually healing. The stones featured are agate, jade, and rose quartz, which are all crystals known to help with feelings of stress and anxiety.

The bracelets are also adjustable and can fit most wrist sizes. As shown in the picture below, they come with a card detailing the healing properties of each stone on the bracelet.

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8. Acupressure Rings

For those looking for stress relieving accessories that are colorful, fun, and useful, look no further–these acupressure rings are the ones for you. On Amazon, you can get a pack of 12 different colored rings that work by producing pressure as you push them up and down on your finger, reducing stress and anxiety and increasing blood circulation in your fingers.

These rings give small finger massages to your hands and are made of elastic so they fit most fingers (which is nice if you don’t know your ring size, like me). Plus, their fun and colorful and offer another way to keep your hands busy without picking at your fingers and nails.

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Do you know of more stress relieving accessories we can use to help manage our anxiety? Tell us in the comments!

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