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10 Helpful Phone Apps That Will Make Your Life Easier

10 Helpful Phone Apps That Will Make Your Life Easier

These helpful phone apps are going to make your daily life so much easier! Here is a list of 10 of our favorite apps that you need to try!

Everyone’s phone is in their back pocket 24/7 and full of cute and helpful phone apps. Across all phone platforms there are applications that people swear by to get them through their daily life. Here are 10 helpful apps to make your life easier.

1. Google Keep

This is one of many helpful phone apps that are perfect if you are a frequent note taker, and love to organize your thoughts. This app allows you to create virtual post its, that can be color coded for extra organization. Each note can be turned into a check list (that you can actually mark off !) or a regular post it with a simple note or reminder. Since this is linked through your normal Google account, your notes can be accessed from your tablet, computer, phone, etc!

10 helpful apps that will make your life easier


2. Flo

Periods are never fun, but at least with the helpful phone apps like Flo, you won’t be in for any surprises. With this app’s super easy to use interface you can easily input the days that you get your periods along with any symptoms such as weight gain, moods, water intake, and even the days that you have sex. Once a few cycles are input, Flo will be able to calculate your chances of getting pregnant and when you should expect your next visit from ‘aunt flo.’

3. Parceltrack

Raise your hand if you are a online shopping addict. My hand went up and I know that yours did too. There’s nothing more annoying then having to sign into your email and search for a message from a retailer and click a tracking link EVERY TIME I want an update on my package. Once I found out about the app, ParcelTrack my life changed. Within this helpful phone app all you have to do is copy and paste your tracking number and ParcelTrack does the rest. It supports several different couriers (Amazon’s personal delivery service is sill experimental but if the seller ships via USPS, UPS, etc, you are good !) and you get an update every step along the way. When your package arrives you simply mark it as delivered.

4. GasBuddy

Nobody likes paying for gas, but at least if you have  GasBuddy you can find the cheapest options in your area. Once you input your zip code you can narrow your search into two different categories: type of gas (such as regular or premium) and search criteria (search by distance or by price). When viewing your results you can view and edit inaccurate prices and even be redirected to Maps to navigate your way to more fuel. An added bonus is to make an account on this helpful phone apps interface and you can be entered into giveaways for free gas!


5. SecureSafe

This is a helpful phone app idea that I have loved since the days when Blackberrys were popular. With all of the various accounts that people have today it is impossible to remember every username and every password.  With SecureSafe all you need to remember is ONE password and once unlocked you can enter all of your other information. You can create categories such as school, banking, or shopping for increased organization. Depending on the phone that you are using you can access the app with either a password, touch id, or face id.

6. RetailMeNot

Everybody loves saving money, and with the RetailMeNot app it’s easier than ever! This helpful phone app allows you to search through thousands of stores for active coupons that can be displayed on your mobile phone or can be physically printed. For easy access, create an account and ‘like’ all of your favorite stores.

10 helpful apps that will make your life easier


7. Verizon/AT&T Roadside Assistance

Never worry about getting a flat tire again. With your cellphone provider’s helpful phone apps you are just a click away from assistance. For a small monthly fee (Verizon’s is around $3) you are just one click away from help if you run out of gas, your battery dies, lock you keys inside, and much more.

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8. Adobe Scan

This helpful phone app allows you to keep a digital copy of any and all important documents. Whether it is a receipt or a bill just lay it on a flat surface, open your camera app and scan. A clear image will be saved within the app for easy future reference.


9. Indeed Jobs

Indeed is a quick and easy way to view several jobs in any given area narrowed down by zip code and type. This helpful phone app allows you to store a copy of your resume for easy one click applying.

10. Drop

This helpful phone app makes it super easy to save money by doing your regular shopping. All you have to is link your debit or credit cards and and earn points for every dollar. Those points can then be redeemed for gift cards from your favorite stores and restaurants such as Amazon, or Chik Fil A.

10 helpful apps that will make your life easier

What are your favorite helpful phone apps? Tell us in the comments!
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