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10 Helpful iPhone Capabilities No One Knew They Had Access To

10 Helpful iPhone Capabilities No One Knew They Had Access To

There are many helpful iPhone capabilities that are unknown to many people. So, here is a list of the iPhone hacks that everyone needs to know about!

1. Shortcut Icon

The Shortcut icon is absolutely a capability everyone needs to use. If you play a particular playlist, visit specific websites, or do anything else consistently, then this application will come in handy for you.

By using this icon you can place all of your regularly used items there, and with one touch you can have a playlist begin to play, all your work/school alarms come on, and you can even go straight to a website without typing anything in. And of course much more.

This application will make your life much much more accessible.

10 Helpful iPhone Capabilities No One Knew They Had Access To

2. Undoing Numbers On The Calculator

The second iPhone capability I will be mentioning is a surprising one. Many people do not know that when using your calculator, you can delete one digit at a time by just swiping the number back or fourth. 

Who knew? It was that simple? Try it out today and make it easier to correct the mistakes on your calculator.

10 Helpful iPhone Capabilities No One Knew They Had Access To

3. Reminders Icon

The Reminders application is an excellent app to use when you want to stay organized. 

If you forget things easily or can’t seem to keep up with your daily responsibilities, then put this icon to use! This app will allow you to make a daily to-do list as well as set alarms to remind you of the tasks that need to be completed. It is an excellent way to keep up will the things that are important in your life.

10 Helpful iPhone Capabilities No One Knew They Had Access To

4. Quickly Deleting Text

The fourth iPhone capability I have to mention in this article is a trick to deleting a text without using the backspace button. You can delete your entire text/writing by just shaking your phone and hitting ‘undo.’ It is really that simple! Here is how you can set it up for your phone…

Go To:

  1. Settings
  2. Accessibility
  3. Touch
  4. In the Interaction section, hit ‘Shake to Undo.’
  5. Turn it on

5. Screen Time Icon

The Screen Time tracker on your iPhone is another excellent capability that more people should take advantage of.

Living in today’s world, we know that social media has become a significant factor in determining how we live on a daily. Social media has become a massive distraction from the important things. And this is why this application is so necessary. 

Use the Screen Time application on your iPhone to keep track of how often you use all your apps. If you are trying to make a more considerable effort to cut back on how often you are on your phone, then be sure to use this app to show you when you progress and backtrack.

6. Easier Way To Move Cursor

Doesn’t it get very annoying when you are typing a text out, and you need to move your cursor back to add words, but as you tap to position it the cursor ends up somewhere you don’t want it? Well, there is a more straightforward way to do this that you are probably not aware of.

You can hold down the spacebar and move your cursor to wherever you need it to be. It becomes so easy to alter texts, emails, and captions from then on.

10 Helpful iPhone Capabilities No One Knew They Had Access To

7. Home Button On Your Screen

This hack will give you a quicker way to applications you use often. Creating a virtual home button on your screen will only take a few moments. 

Go To:

  1. Settings
  2. General 
  3. Accessibility
  4. Touch
  5. AssitiveTouch
  6. Turn it on

This home button will allow you to customize your button to consist of the apps you use the most.

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8. Eye Safety

We all have come to find out that the light that comes off of your computer, TV, cellphone, or game console screen is not suitable for your eyes. However, many do not know that they can also keep you from getting a good night’s sleep.

The blue light that your devices reflect is found to send a signal to your brain that you should continue to stay up. Therefore, I want to mention the excellent iPhone capability that will help you with this predicament. 

Your iPhone has a Night Shift mode that you can schedule to come on at a specific time, or you can manually turn on when you desire. It warms the color of your screen light so that your brain will understand that your body needs to be getting ready for sleep.

This capability is a total life-saver for those who have a difficult time sleeping. 

Go to:

  1. Settings
  2. Display & Brightness
  3. Night Shift
  4. Turn it on and customize 

9. Using The Volume Button For Pictures

This next helpful iPhone capability most people have no clue about is that you can take snap pictures with your volume button instead of the camera button. This gives iPhone users an easy way to hold the phone when taking selfies specifically.

If you love to take pictures, try using your volume button to snap your photos. You will find that this is a simple and more efficient way to get a great photo. See for yourself the next time you snap a pic.

10. Health Icon

The health application that iPhones offer is great for people who want to live a healthy lifestyle. It allows you to enter your medical ID, health data, and track your steps daily. The app also gives you a way to register to be an organ donor and access your health records.

Your health is vital, and the iPhone gives a way to hold yourself accountable through this app. Try out the app and see how much it helps you live a better lifestyle. See how you like this application.

10 Helpful iPhone Capabilities No One Knew They Had Access To

These iPhone hacks will be more helpful than you thought! Try them out today! Comment below which iPhone capability surprised you the most!

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