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11 Helpful Apps to Have in College

In a world centered around technology, it’s no wonder that it plays a large role in our education. We are often glued to our devices to keep up with the news, friends, family, and other entertainment. However, using our phones and tablets to work, study, or stay connected to our colleges is crucial. There are many applications you can download to keep you on the right track. Here are eleven helpful applications to have in college.

1. Grammarly- Writing Assistant

This application is a wise choice for those who do typing on their phones or tablets for school or work. This application is also available for desktops and browsers. Grammarly helps with grammar, tone, synonyms, and more. When using the application on the phone or tablet, you install a Grammarly keyboard to help keep you on track at all times. Now your papers, e-mails, and more will be perfect for submission.

2. Google Calendar: Get Organized

The Google Calendar application lets you manage and organize all your life events. If you have a speech, assignment, appointment, or interview, it will keep everything organized for you. You can schedule meetings, view and join events, manage and create tasks, import reservations, and see everything you have for the month or months ahead. You can sync your calendar to other devices and view or edit them as well. Now you can stay on top of your busy life or keep track of important events and assignments due. Google Calendar is a sense of security and organization in a world of chaos.

3. PDF Expert: PDF Reader, Editor

PDF’s are nearly required for jobs and school these days. Being able to turn your paper or assignment into a PDF is imperative. PDF’s secure the information you’ve written or shared with a company or school. However, this application allows the PDF to be edited as needed. If you need to read an assignment that is a PDF, you can use this application to read. Turn your papers into PDF’s and send them to your professor or work with ease. The PDF Expert is a must for college students.

4. Khan Academy

The application Khan Academy is a must-have app for students, teachers, and graduates. Anyone looking to extend their knowledge on a subject or learn more extensive information will benefit from this application. You can create a personalized learning library to fit your needs and study with ease. Teachers use this application for their students to obtain information on various subjects, and it is a well-known and free tool for those looking to expand their education. If you are looking to help children learn and expand their knowledge, there is a sister-application to download called Khan Academy Kids.

5. TimeTree: Shared Calendar

TimeTree is an application that is an organization calendar. You can have many calendars labeled for different needs. You can share and invite others to view the calendar. This tool is helpful when doing a project, running a magazine, or newspaper because it allows everyone you invite to that calendar to view due dates, changes, and dates of upcoming events. You can color code assignments, names, and events to keep track of tasks. The ability to have multiple calendars, label them, and share them individually allows you to have privacy, keep track of personal and work-related events. Having everything in one place makes it simple and easy for the person that has is busy or has a packed academic life.

6. Quizlet

Quizlet is an application to help you study. It is a great tool to create flashcards for any subject, and it’s easy to use. Quizlet allows you to input your subject’s information to create flashcards. You can test yourself, and you can view other cards and quizzes available. There are pre-created tests and flashcards you can use. You can search for something in particular or browse the topics available. This application is the perfect study tool to add to your list of educational weapons to help you study for exams.

7. ClinicalKey Student Bookshelf

This bookshelf allows students to read their books or access them anywhere and time they need. You can highlight and take notes as you read. There are videos and audio available on various subjects. You can sync your notes and highlights on other devices. A text to speech feature allows you to listen to the book as you read along. IF you are looking to study with the app, then you are in luck! You can create custom flashcards from notes or on your own. Everything a student needs in one spot is perfect for the college student.

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8. Researcher: Academic Journals

If you’re a college student or graduate, you know how important academic journals and sources are. Academic journals back up your argument with reliable sources and make your paper a solid read. The Researcher app provides peer-reviewed journals and publications by big names such as Adobe, Microsoft, Cisco, Amazon, and more. You can browse over 15,000 available journals available. If you are interested in reading trending journals, that option is available along with a customized feed of interests. Finally, this application allows students to log in through their university to keep track of their progress.

9. Cited

Cited is an application that helps you create proper citations for your papers. Choose a format and template from the wide selection provided to assemble an accurate citation. The application is easy to use and allows you to create MLA, APA, or Chicago citations. You can save your citation list for easy access. For the college student that struggles with citations, this application is a must-have.


While you have seen the website, this application offers what the website has in a compact form. You can learn a new word of the day, view other past words, look up definitions, take quizzes, and utilize the thesaurus available. A push notification will teach you a new word each day to enhance your vocabulary. This nifty application is a good source for writers and college students alike.

11. Resume Builder+ Professional

Student or not, job searching is difficult. Having a well designed and written resume is a crucial step to obtaining the job you are seeking. This application helps you build your resume with over 100 templates available. The application makes it simple and easy to create a PDF resume. Resume Builder provides guides and tips or suggestions for your resume. You can save your resume as a PDF, print it, save it as a file, or e-mail it for personal use. There are premium resume templates and additions on the application for a small fee each month. Whether you use the premium features or not, the Resume Builder+ is an invaluable application for those looking for a job or internship.

Which of the provided applications seem the most helpful to you? Which applications will you start using?

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