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15 Heartwarming Gift Ideas Your BFF Will Love

Friendship is a beautiful thing. You and your best friend have been through so much together. Chances are you have cried, laughed, and simply celebrated and experienced life by each other’s side. Whether it’s a special occasion or just a regular Tuesday it is important to remind your BFF how much they mean to you! And sometimes words just can’t do the justice when trying to express how much we love our besties! And that is when gifts come in handy! To show your gratitude for your BFF on their birthday or just on any day here are 15 heartwarming gift ideas your BFF will love!

1. Framed picture

A framed picture is a true classic when it comes to gift ideas. You can never go wrong with gifting your friend a framed picture of you two. It will be a perfect room decoration and a heartwarming reminder of how much you two mean to each other!

Shop a similar picture frame here!

2. Matching coffee mugs

If you and your BFF are coffee lovers this will be the perfect gift! This way when they will be sipping on their morning coffee they will be thinking of you. For extra cuteness you can also order a customized coffee mug like the one below. Shop and customize your very own coffee mug here!

3. Book

A book is a very personal and sentimental gift. It shows that you truly know your friend and what they like. Your friend will forever remember this kind of gift from you and hold it dear! Sometimes though it can be difficult finding a book so I recommend going for generic like a motivational non-fiction book that anyone can learn from!

Shop Girl, Stop Apologizing and other motivational non-fictions here!

4. Notebook/journal set

This gift idea is perfect for a friend who loves writing down their thoughts, ideas, and goals! Every time they will be picking it up to write down another creative thought they will be thinking of you. It is also a great way to show your bestie how much you know them!

Shop this cute notebook set here!

5. Umbrella

Though this might seem like an odd gift it sure is a useful one! I don’t know about you but when it comes to outfits I always like mine to be perfect. Therefore a rainy day can truly ruin a perfectly planned outfit! However with a cute umbrella the day can be saved *wink*. Your bestie will be extra thankful for you on rainy days. After all, good friends are there fore you rain or shine.

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6. Tea plate set

If your BFF loves hosting parties and gatherings they are going to love this gift! Also what screams adulting louder than a fancy tea set? Maybe only paying utility bills.

Shop a preppy tea plate set here!

7. Birthday month jewelry

There is nothing more personalized and special than a birthday month jewelry piece. This gift will show your best friend how much you know them, and it will become one of their favorite jewelry pieces! After all, jewelry is a safe classic when considering gift ideas. Shop adorable birthday jewelry here

8. Travel jewelry box

Speaking of jewelry! A jewelry box is such a sweet and memorable gift. Your friend will be storing their jewelry for years to come in it!

Shop this exact jewelry box here!

9. Soft throw blanket

This one is not only adorable but also so cozy and universal! I mean, who doesn’t love fuzzy blankets?!

Shop a cute and affordable chunky throw blanket here!

10. Polaroid camera

There is nothing better than making unforgettable memories with your best friend by your side. And a polaroid is going to help you keep those memories close! This gift idea is perfect for a friend who loves taking pictures. You can also do a fun photo shoot which will only add onto the cuteness of this gift!

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10. Wine glass/glasses

Another classic gift that anyone who loves or appreciates love will absolutely adore! The more wine glasses the merrier, right?  This gift is always going to come in handy,and your friend will be using it for years to come to sip on her favorite Rosé.

Shop this adorable wine glass and more here!

12. Board game

A perfect gift for a friend who is competitive and loves to host parties and gatherings. After all, we all love to awaken our inner child. You can also play the board game right after you gift it which will make it even more special! There is nothing like a night full of energy and laughter with your bestie!

Shop this fun board game and more here!

13. Flower vase

A flower vase is a super simple and elegant gift that anyone would love to receive! There is nothing like getting flowers from our loved ones. This won’t only be a sweet gesture but also a cute decor piece! Shop this adorable flower vase here!

14. Perfume

Perfume is a very personal and intimate gift so make sure that you know that exact scents your friend likes! The scent you decide to go with will always remind your BFF of you!

Shop this sweet perfume here!

15. Customized painting

A custom painting is one of the sweetest gifts ever! It will be a timeless memory that your friend will get to keep forever. Each time your BFF will glance at it they will be reminded of your beautiful friendship. You can shop a similar custom painting here!


It is important to remind our best friends how much we appreciate them. Whether it’s their birthday, Christmas, or a friendaversary finding the perfect gift is always crucial. After all, who doesn’t like gifts? Which gift idea was your favorite? Which gift would YOU like to receive from your best friend? Comment below and save this article for future reference when looking for the perfect gift for your perfectly imperfect best friend!

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