10 Healthy Ways to Avoid Weight Gain when Going to College

As we get older, that simple task of being able to constantly go to the gym and get that beast mode workout gets harder. But just because you start your new life at college doesn’t mean you have to abandon losing weight at the gym. 

1. If anything, going to college is almost the perfect scenario to keep up with your weight loss journey. 

Seriously; when I went to college there was a full-on weight room separated from the gym. 

To avoid weight gain, it all starts with the gym



That lets you know the school is dedicated to students losing weight and possibly wanting to have the right motivation of wanting to stay stronger than everyone else.

2. It is all about Time management and scheduling 

If there is one thing that I have learned over the years, it is that college and work-life are practically the same. The one thing that the two have in common is scheduling out your tasks day by day.                             To avoid weight gain, you have to plan out your day

From my point of view using a planner is the ultimate guide to doing multiple tasks. If you have free time in between classes, that gives you 5 minutes to plan out how you want to fit in some free time to work out while staying on top of your schoolwork. 

3. Dieting is the hardest part of committing

Growing up as a kid, did you ever give off that dramatic expression when someone said the D-word around you? Hahaha fast forward a few years later we still feel the same way, but this time instead of it being a curse word it’s the one word that all young adults dread soo much, and that dieting.

Your diet is the right motivation to help you avoid weight gain


I won’t lie, It’s soo hard to avoid those temptations of wanting to go to the sushi bar or buy burgers and fries. But remember exercising isn’t enough, you have to make that sacrifice and ditch the junk food too. Trust me, that burger and fries are not worth it all the time if you want that toned stomach or curvy figures. 

4. Your performance in your school’s sports teams matters. 

It is always important to balance a workout/school life

If college students have enough pressure at trying to certain deadlines for projects, homework, and exams, the last thing that they need to worry about is making sure college athletes keep up with their weight class performing for their university’s sports team.

As a student-athlete, you are not only responsible for keeping up with your grades, but your performance on whatever sports team you represent. I mean think about it, if you haven’t been keeping up with your workout schedule and you show up to practice and you weigh an extra 10 pounds, you are most likely going to get benched for slacking. 

5. Your grades matter the most

Most of us have all heard the old expression, You are what you eat and whatever you put in yourself is the energy you give back.  


Challenging your mind in your study's helps take off the stress of wanting to avoid weight gain                                            

Study’s have shown that when choosing to lose unnecessary body weight, students perform at a higher rate in academics because their bodies are receiving healthy nutrients to sustain mental activity in a school environment. 

6. Don’t skip out on your sleep

Now for a long time, there has always been this stereotype where if you are a full-time college student, you are obligated to stay up all night doing schoolwork. From my college experience, yes that is somewhat true, but that doesn’t mean it’s good for your health.      

Getting plenty of sleep is the best aid to avoid weight gain                                  


I get it, college can be very draining, but what can drain you, even more, is choosing to not give your body the necessary rest it needs throughout the day. If not, your movement begins to slow down and your weight gain will start to pick up again. 

7. Always drink lots of water 

If you weigh at least under 200 lbs, you should always aim to drink at least 160 ounces or more of water throughout the day. As a busy college student having to stay up to date with work, it is very easy to forget about staying hydrated.        

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Water fills you up more preventing excessive eating to avoid weight gain                           


Drinking plenty of water not only keeps you hydrated but makes you stay full. The more water you drink can reduce your urge to always want to eat a bunch of meals, bringing down your weight amount by a significant rate.         

8.  Ditch the Alcohol       

Other than the food, what is the easiest way to gain weight at college? Easy it’s bench drinking and pregaming every week. College is probably the one place that promotes young kids to constantly drink having the freedom from their parents to do whatever they want. But trust me, this freedom can eventually take a toll on your body.      Non alcoholic drinks are not just healthier for you, but serves more of a purpose to avoid weight gain                              

While in college, you might feel the constant peer pressure to drink around a bunch of people so you don’t feel like that awkward person. But you must remember that alcohol has a lot of calories compared to food, so the more you drink the more weight you gain. If that weren’t enough to handle, try dealing with the constant morning sickness, headaches, and dehydration. Instead of going for the bottle, try some nice healthy and relaxing drinks like herbal tea, iced coffee and filtered water.  

9 Meditation to ease the mind   

Meditation can not only be a good source of eliminating signs of stress but also works in anyone’s weight loss journey.        

Relaxing the mind is the best way to avoid weigh gain                                      


As college students, we experience a lot of mixed emotional feelings, driving us to eat all the time to cover up this feeling. Practicing mediation can assist in reducing the feeling of having tons of guilt eating food and emotional binge eating all the time.     

10. Think about your money   

Don’t think for a second that just because you attend college, you can get all this junk food and alcohol for free. That stuff costs money, and at college, it is far from being cheap. The more money you spend on junk food, the more you are contributing to your weight gain. 

Budgeting out your finances is jut as vital in your life as trying to avoid weight gain                                    

Learning the correct tips and methods on how to budget your money keep help you not only financially, but contribute to your weight loss journey such as choosing to stop buying expensive unhealthy snacks and start buying more affordable all-natural, and healthier food products for better meals.